Cobra towed back to where I got it... :(

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Kilgore Trout, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Home grown huh? Is it made out of what appears to be PVC pipe by chance? Does it look anything like this:


  2. :lol: After looking at that picture I feel better about mine! It's just not that pretty shiny chrome is all. Kinda looks like a pipe off of a swing set. I am sure the FIPK will look better! I hope that thing wasn't on your car? :rolleyes:
  3. Don't knock the setup you see in the pictures above! it IS one of the top selling AND performing CAI's available today for the 03/04 Cobra. Pictured above is the unit from JLT Performance and most of the high horsepower guys run this setup because it flows so well. It's also can be ordered in the same color as you car which is nice.

    Does you current CAI still utilize the stock MAF to TB pipe? If not, do you have the stock pipe?

  4. Sorry man, I really thought that was a Home Depot special:shrug: . It is the stock MAF as far as I know and it is the stock pipe, see attached PICS. Suggestions?
  5. The FIPK will work just fine if that's what you wanted to get. Those JLT units are good too, specially if you wanted to get a painted one to match your car. Just stay away from the CAI's that have a sharp bend in front of the MAF like what you're currently running. The bend disrupts the laminar airflow across the sampling tube and can make the car difficult to tune.

  6. JL Turner works very hard to make a quality product to the best of his ability. He is one of the better vendors and only sells what he feels is the best. He also tries to create products that do not exist yet and fill a need that Mustang enthusiasts have. For example his PCV filters are a very interesting and innovative product.
  7. Nobody is arguing that KT, but you do have to admit the parts which make up a JLT CAI/RAI system do look like they could be obtained from Home Depot or Lowes. :D

  8. My comment was not really directed at the argument at hand, I was just expressing my opinion about JLT based on the research I have done.
  9. Agreed! :nice: No argument here, JLT products are of good quality and they have a strong following.