Cobra vs SRT-4

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  1. I have a 97 Cobra, stock except for exhaust. My buddy just got an SRT4 and wants to race me. We are both good drivers with plenty of seat time at various SCCA events and what not. Do you think I can beat him? His car is actually supposed to be a little quicker to 60.
  2. well i have an 01 and have never lost to a slightly modified srt-4. some can hang but i usually put about 2 cars on the quicker ones from 0-80+. dont let him spool if you run from a roll. once they boost they can be hard to catch
  3. If his SRT is stock you shouldn't have a problem...I have a new found respect for those little cars now though...there are 2 in our area that are in the very low 12' is oh so close to breaking into the 11's on the spray...

    Get a good launch and you should pull away from him easy...don't race him from a roll to give him time for his turbo to spool up though...the advantage is all yours from a dig, FWD cars don't do so well from a stop...

    I've beaten all the SRT's I've ever raced, but I've never raced the really fast ones...I have beaten some that have the Stage 2 MOPAR upgrades though...
  4. I love being higher on the food chain :spot:
  5. I would have to say its a drivers race. 230hp and 2900 lbs compared to 305hp and 3400 lbs (just stock dry weight and fly wheel hp) looks to be a pretty tight race. Im showing the SRT-4 having 12.60 w/hp and the cobra having 11.15. (Lower the number the better) So when comparing two cars that closely, its just a drivers race. :shrug:
  6. I used to own one of the fastest stock turbo w/ nitrous srts known of on srtforums for aobut 6 mo. They are FAST for cheap w/ the RIGHT owner and very reliable. My 03 ran [email protected] in july full interior bone stock. I'm gonna say its a drivers race...They are BOTH LOW 14 sec high 13 sec cars,
  7. well they are quick and respond well to mods. the neon's are not to be taken lightly. the fastest one in my area is one with a new fully built motor and big turbo. the guy ran the stock motor for less than a year is on the third turbo and maybe spraying. i know he atleast sprays the intercooler. before the motorswap he laid over 400 ponies to the ground. he almost equalled a friend of mines 03 cobra. they dynoed on the same day and same dyno. the cobra runs a 12.00 so i can only imagine what the neon runs now. he was mid twelves before spinning on slicks.
  8. A stock GT (99-04') vs.a stock SRT-4 is a drivers race so all things being equal
    I thing you should pull him, but it will be a good run. :D
  9. I think without a doubt that the Neon RT4 is the best entry level performance car. I can't imagine dumping thousands into it however due to the fact it is a Neon and front drive.
  10. Going just by what you've said, the Cobra should win, especially off the line.
  11. I agree. :cheers:
  12. Stock for Stock, you still have a slight advantage. I think from a dig you'll win without too much of a problem especially since you have exhaust, and we all know how well the DOHC responds to free-flowing exhaust. BTW, when i had the GT i ran about 2-3 stock SRT's and won everytime, not by alot but by about 2 cars.
  13. That is fairly accurate BUT the SRT will dyno 220-230 whp...the cobra does not dyno 305whp. They underrated the power on the srts by a lot! to be MORE fair I'd say the neon would be about 260+flywheel and about 280+ftlbs flywheel. That puts:
    Cobra 305hp and 300ftlbs - 3400lbs - 11.1 (NOT WHEEL HP THOUGH)

    Neon 260hp and 280ftlbs - 2800lbs - 10.8 (NOT WHEEL HP THOUGH)

    Most cobra will lay down say 260+ whp and most neons are in the 220+whp range.........

    Cobra 13.1 p/w ratio

    Neon 12.7 p/w ratio

    So, even due to the 60' SHOULD be better in the stang, but I could cut 2.1 60 all day in the neon and occasionally pull a 2.0 on stock rubber. It should be a good race w/ my favor going to the neon making a go for it after the 1/8. Good luck.
  14. I ran one today from a 60 punch to 110mph and I pulled a car on him after I gave him a car jump...
  15. I watched two SRT's last weekend race several times against 03/04 Mach1's plus an 03 stock Cobra. As long as the Stangs got good launches, they'd beat them by 2 cars. The one race I saw with the 03 Cobra, the driver of the Cobra was a girl (don't flame me ladies) and she could not shoot from a dig at all. The SRT had her by 3 cars in the 1/8th, but the Cobra pulled back to 1 car in by the 1/4. With a good launch the Cobra should have won by 4-5 cars. A n/a'd Cobra should win by 1-2 cars in the quarter with equal drivers and equally stock or modified cars.
  16. The Cobra would win, that is all

  17. I didnt know that the cobras had a 45hp drivetrain loss. :nonono:
  18. My 2001 Cobra

    Mines putting down 282 RWHP and 280 RWTQ. All I have on it are aeroturbine mufflers and a diablo predator tune. I think 260 RWHP is grossly underestimated...
  19. 255-265WHP is the norm...on a STOCK 96-98 Cobra. An 01 would make a little more power as they were rated higher also.
  20. is this really still a topic?....... :rlaugh: