Cobra vs SRT-4

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  1. This one is pretty fast:

  2. What color was the Cobra??

    Do you know if it was Jen or Charity?
  3. I think if he is stock... like non of the fatory mods, then you should be able to beat him no problem. I just don't like those things, they're ugly and they're still a dodge NEON!, no matter what way you look at it or how much boost it's running or if it has nitrous and what not, to me it's still a neon and that's all it'll every be. :notnice:

    ..Go and kick his ass is what I say, but thats just me.

  4. I'm thinking this would be a very close race.. he's lighter, but you have more hp and RWD..
  5. That video cracked me up!!
  6. yeah... there should be more like it!
  7. Don't worry about it. My friend just got an is slow. They are fast for a 4cyl, but they can't compete with your Cobra. He might keep up with you in 1st gear, but when he shifted into 2nd gear, the power is gone...even though the boost gauge still says 15psi, its a 4cyl, its slow. Go race him and stomp him for all of us cobra owners!!
  8. Not to be a real ****head but open your minds a may not meet a fast one due to the owner...what your vortec sc cobra runs I was doing on my stock turbo and street tires, not drag radials. My car trapped 113-114 consistently w/ out nitrous...on the bottle I was going 120+. That $3500 in mods, all mods including lowering it, not just power mods.
    don't get me wrong I think my cobra is a better car but it's not faster than my old neon srt and mine isn't stock.

  9. :bs: I highly doubt that. That is a mid to high 13 second car with a Stage I on it. Also, a 2.27 60ft time with little power will never propel a you into an E/T or trap like that.

    Although no matter how fast an SRT-4 is....the owners are still driving a NEON, and that really has to suck... :rlaugh:
  10. You really are a funny car dynoed 300whp and 345ftlbs on the stock turbo only and weighed 3,050 lbs w/ me in it. I made 380whp and 425ftlbs when I had you trying to math out a car you do not understand won't work...I don't lie to people because this is the internet.
    20 SRT4finally Turbo + Nitrous 380.0 2.276 [email protected] [email protected] Details

    You see my cobra weighs 3450 w/ me in I said I'm not dogging cars, I just don't like being called a liar by someone who doesn't know the potential of said cars.
  11. My S-10 runs high 13s on a 75 shot.. And I have raced a friend of mines SRT4 numerous times. He only has a catback and he made the ram-air hood scoop functional. And From a dead stop to about 100 mph it is super close.. And I have beat a Stock 01 Cobra in my S-10 before by about a car..

    A stock 96-98 Cobra Vs A stock SRT4 is gonna be a drivers race. Neither car has a real upper hand.
  12. If you have a stock Cobra against stock Neon it will be no doubt the cobra, unless you miss one shift then you just handed the race over. If hes got a couple things done that most SRT's get done then it becomes a little tricky. Never race one from a roll, for some reason they take off good from a roll, and you may keep up but it will be impossible to pass. Now I got my car dynoed recently and im making 281 HP w/ 278ft. Tq. and I have trouble, those with a stock Cobra saying they beat srt stock or modded its hard to belive that, stock cobras dyno around 260 266 to the rear wheel... I know cuz I had my car dynoed when I first got it.