Cobra vs WRX again

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96cobra3949, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. My ship has a bunch of ricers on it that are jumping for joy because of Hot Rod magazine.They took an 03 vs a WRX and the WRX won by .01 but almost 9 mph slower.Now every WRX is going to be thinking they can beat a cobra. 13.3 @109 seems a little off for the cobra doesn't it?
  2. Are you talking about the WRX STi? I saw one of those this past weekend in front of me, but he was moving through traffic like his butt was on fire!
  3. You forgot to metion the circuit track times, which the STi won!
  4. That was complete BS they are comparing apples and oranges. Im sick on everyone bagging on the 03. I have had allot of cars in my life including a 400hp turbo integra, Elipse GSX, Camaro, 5.0 Mustang. None have been as complete as my cobra. When my integra was on street tires I would lose to AWD cars with half the HP. Does that mean the AWD's were faster? NO. Think back to when Motortrend compared the 03 to the RX-8 and G35. The 03 came out last .Thats like comparing a lightning with an F350 and the F350 comes out on top. These cobras are designed to go fast in a straight line. They handle well straight out of the box, are comfortable, what more do these people want?

    I dare an STI to try to run me from a role.
  5. Shut your whining and write to HOT ROD mag, so it will make you feel better.. You just have to give the credit where it's due.. Both cars are great, it's just the subbie are more all around car than the Cobra Mustang.. Let me ask you this, how about driving your mustang in a pile of snow? I thought so.

  6. Hey, why would anyone want to drive their Mustang in a pile of snow?? IDIOT! I guess you Subbie drivers suck at driving thats why you need awd. What is your deal?!!? Give credit where credit is due, give me a break! Look at the trap speeds on both cars, you give credit where credit is due! BTW, its Mustang Cobra, not Cobra Mustang. :notnice:
  7. Please. You cant drive a WRX over a pile of snow. Its an AWD car, not a 4x4 truck. :bang:
  8. Ok, probably I was being a lil exaggerated, but it's just an all season car than a Cobra, right? I'm just pointing out that an STi is just an all around car, and pls don't give me that trap speed crap. If straight line is all you can do, that is just lame! Well, that's what Mustang can do after all.. Do you have any SCCA autox and open track experienced? You should try and participate some event.. It's fun! Just make sure you car can turn for ****.
  9. It was kind of busy today so i did not get to read the whole article.I just saw the 1/4 numbers.I have duty tomorrow so i will read it then. IMHO Hot Rod has never been a "ford" magazine.They are partial to GM.Not all the time.But most.Not making excuses for the cobra.It the WRX won,it won.But 9 times out of 10 the cobra would win a 1/4 with a half way decent driver.My point was a 13.3 seems a little slow.That was all.The cobra is probably the most well rounded mustang ever produced.If i could afford it i would own one right now.But you know how the military pays.

    There is a guy on ship wanting to race his new WRX against me.He said it trapped at 100 in the 1/8th.Bone stock.Sorry..i throw the :bs: on that one.Anyone know what they could do stock?As soon as the slicks arrive i will get some times posted for mine.
  10. You don't have to be sorry, cause I'll throw a BS flag too! No way in the hell a stock WRX can trapped 100 mph in the 1/8th mile, total bs.. I dunno know if you are talking WRX or WRX STi..

    WRX stock = are good for mid to low 14's, probably with super good driver, and good track condition, they can tapped high 13's..

    WRX STi stock = they are good low 13's, and some people are getting high 12's, stock!
  11. i thought the best part of the article was when at the end they talked about tuners for the cars. how if you spent like $2,100 at vishnu in performance parts you could put down like 270-280 whp. but if you put about the same money into the cobra at amazon, you would put down 400rwhp without breaking a sweat. the thing about the Sti is that its a 2.5liter flat 4 that puts out 300hp, i mean come on, how long before one blows? you can only push an aluminum 4 cylinder so far. the cobra is an iron block and basically ford de-tuned the crap out of it. take away the all-wheel drive and the car is not as impressive.
  12. Why only 13.3?

    We've been questioned a lot about the 13.3 time for the Cobra. It should be clarified that we ran on a 100-plus-degree day at LACR, which is 2,900 feet to begin with, and that the track was not prepped. Sorry.

  13. Do some homework before making such general statements.
    You can start here:
  14. That would have a lot to do with the ET. I take it you work for the magazine or the track perhaps? Thanks for the info.
  15. Who cares which one is faster anyways. WRX = pure Rice. People who buy Cobras are into it for much more than lightweight, Ricing BS. Its about American Muscle Car pride, awesome sounding,and awesome feeling power.
    EJ, go back to your Rice Forums

  16. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MUSTANG OWNERS! :nice: They know what is important in life: Having a loud, fast ass car, that can set your hair on fire in a straight line. I used to be an import guy before they were "cool" I wanted to be fast and different. Go figure I'm 25 and have come full circle. I would never of thought having a fast Mustang would not be the "in" thing. :shrug:
  17. Why you being so defensive man? "People who buy Cobras are into much more than lightweight, Ricing BS" Maybe I should rephrased that.... *People who buy Cobras are into much headache coming in and out of the shop, getting thier car fixed up and down*.. While the "ricing bs you called* are tearing up the track and having fun, without a single hiccups.. Tell me, what is pure rice about WRX? Is it because it's an import car? Do you have beef about imported stuff coming to your beloved USA soil? YOu guys will never learned, same ol Dumbestic car owners, just like you.. Heck, I'd rather hang in the LS1 forum, they are cool like that.

    Peace.. Yeah, eat more rice to feed your brain...

  18. buuuuuuuhh bye idiot!!! Thank you come again!! Later
  19. Just a little bit of a reminder for those that read the article in Hot Rod it stated that the Subaru is a much more forgiving car for a bad driver than the Cobra is. The point there being it takes someone who knows how to physically handle the horsepower a Cobra puts out, however with the Subaru the thinking is done and that's what the AWD is all about.
    If I had the money, I'd probably buy both cars, one would of course be a winter car and the other would be the winter days without ice on the roads. But since I've got a tighter budget than that I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes set on the 03, hehe.

    BTW, what was meant by the adjustment for altitude in the test data?? Where'd they test em Denver??
  20. hmmm...STI's running 12's stock? Not in the NW..the fastest one so far is 12.7 which has an upgraded turbo on it. Most run about 13.6 to 13.8's when they are launched correctly, other wise, its a 14 second time slip. '03 cobras run close to the same 13.1 to 13.7 depending on driver. The tracks up here are not as good as most around the country so that can be a reason for slower times then magizines are listing.

    Anybody who thinks an '03 cobra is for stright line's only is only kidding themselves. Who in their right mind would race an IRS car 'only' for stright line applications? They are an all around vehicle, just not a SUV type vehicle...

    I would rather have an EVO personnel, but thats not a bang on the STI cars, cause they are quite sharp looking and handle nicely.

    I remember alot of this same conversation about the Cyclones when they came out...remember, 4.3 L turbo all wheel drive compact truck that ran mid to upper 13's all day long.....
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