Cobra vs WRX again

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96cobra3949, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. J00 man b3 da shhizz0 wid da inf0. j00 8n0w h0wz da dumb3stic b3 brekin n $hit l3ft n rite. n can be just for strate rednek razin. I b3 trys 2b lIk3 uze n hav da ****3s all hangin wit u n ur pimp azz import not brekin an all.

    u da shhiz0s wid da mad j0 pimp reliadepend import not brekn comin to tak ova da world. n we be scard n all. "ill go bak to sukin da ls1 balls kuz dey be puttin up with my srry a$$. n like ther balls suck3d. piece n all."

    A$$hat, take your side ways tennis hat wearing, ls1 leg humpin a$$ and end yourself. :nice:
  2. Do the Ls1 guys a favor - keep your fart-can muffler-ing rice-ing sh#tty-a$$'d American-car-hating ways out of there.

  3. 03 Cobra for summer
    02-03 Supercrew F150 with FX4 off road package for winter

    Only if I had the money that's how it would be.
  4. The only reason the LS1 forums are cool with him is because he KNOWS they can kick his a$$ he doesn't try to argue...
  5. Sure, I'll tell them you like it in the butt.. What esle you want me too tell them? Gangbang your ass? LOL
  6. No, because they respect diff cars. You might as well suck **** some of this Mustang owners.. Do me a favor, slap them in the back of their head, and tell them *Yo, your car ain't a GOD's Chariot*.. For you, pls drive that POS Cougar over the cliff, what a shame!
  7. Yo, EGHRLGJHGL3450lihLH$089, I thought you were gone already. Nobody ever said Mustangs are GODs Chariot, but its nice that you think that about our cars! Thanks
  8. You didn't see it? Wait, make sure you take your head out of your ass..
  9. EJ25T, just what the hell is your point? To see how long you can act like a 6 year old in a single thread? Most of us dont care about the qualities of the Subaru or else we would own one. Stang owners generally use their cars for recreation and enjoyment. If we feel the need to drive through snow or intense weather conditions, many of us use 4x4 trucks which has a heck of alot more utility than a car the size of a 4 door civic. Can a Subaru tow 2 quads, camping gear and a 1000 pound trailer out to the middle of a 100* dry desert without breaking or getting stuck? No. Can it go though snow, mud, dirt and climb mountains with 4 passengers, their belongings and snowboards in the back? No. Its a freaken normal car, a compact 4-door sedan that has a turbo, it corners and turns good but its NOT a Mustang and its NOT a go anywhere tank that you proclaim it to be. So exactly what the hell is your point??
  10. 1.) My point is to have some respect to other cars.

    2.) Why in the hell would you compare a behemoth 4x4 to an AWD set up? You sir are dumb as a rock! 4x4 has a freakin transfer case, Subaru, doesn't have one. Does your 4x4 splits it's power automatically to the wheels while cruising? Does your 4x4 splits it torque delivery to the wheels where it's needed while turning? No! Subaru AWD does. Next, did you ever in your life see a freakin CAR hauling 2 quads, camping gear, and whatever the hell you replied above, No! Good? Right! We are here to compare STi vs Cobra, right? Good. So don't throw that 4x4 **** in here. I'm just saying the STi set-up is more all around, i.e. cornering ability, performance, versatility, dependability, and etc..

    3.) Read #1 again, thanks..
  11. Rice?

    Hi, im 15, almost all of my friends/schoomates are into rice cars. they bring in there import magazines, and i noticed, MOST of the cars are slow stock. Yet they STILL buy them (for more than a real muscle car such as a mustang/camaro/charger) they put loads of money into making an econo-box (such as a civic) as fast as a mustang,camaro,or charger stock. Yet when you buy a camaro, charger, or mustang for less price, if you put say 10,000$ into the muscle car, it will run a hell of alot faster than if you put 10,000$ into a fart muffler import. and you can get an american car to handle better than a import with no problem (such as an older rt neon). see what im trying to get at people is why do these kids buy slow cars (which many of them crash them and kill themselves/innnocent people because they drive wrecklessly, because there cars "can do anything" because they see that **** in movies). can someone tell me if im insain, or just smart? please? :rolleyes:
  12. Because they're soft as a grape. Im glad you see the light. And like I mentioned before, its not all about the speed - its about class. The sound of those things make me want to upchuck. They're followers - not leaders. They watch movies, and they get a little tiny lump in their pants and they try to copy.

  13. According to my IQ meter, you are pushing the dumb a$$ meter. "(which many of them crash them and kill themselves/innnocent people because they drive wrecklessly, because there cars "can do anything" because they see that **** in movies). " So you are telling me that you guys are a freakin angel and law abiding citizen? You are full of turd, mang! You guys are just the same as the Import people, so pls....
  14. Not till I pop your GF's cherry! All you guys do is talk Honda, blah, blah, blah.. I don't hear you guys talkin smack about Supra, 300ZX, and etc.. Oh yeah, they sound like a fart can with thier single T-66 turbo. Last time I checked they are import, wow!

    "They're followers-not leaders".. What a tool! What a shame to see a freakin inflated ego!
  15. YOU GUYS ARE ALL BEING KIDS GROW THE FCUK UP. Look you ask why we compare a 4x4 to an STI. Well why r u comparing an STI to a mustang. One is purely rally inspired as one is just pure american muscle vintage styled car in a modern package. Apples and Oranges to me. I for one respect both cars. But if it came down to it my self and im sure the rest of the board would take the cobra. I MEAN HELLO ITS A MUSTANG BOARD, WTF DID YOU EXPECT US TO SAY. Do i think your right in the all around performance of the STI YES I DO. I can corner, has some ok performance numbers and has room to take the family along. But thats the reason why SOME people buy these cars. PI HAVE NEVER EVER EVER seen a guy by an 03 cobra because of the cornering or the amazing all terrain capabilities, its for that straight line kick in the pants performance that keeps those buyers coming.
    And you said that no one talks trash about supras and 300zx's???????? I do. They USUALLY suck. Go to a track and they run 14,'s and 15's. Then yo have some with huge turbos running 12's and 10's if not lower, but how often do you see one of these import monsters running around? not often. Just because you say one run a 9.8 doesn't make it the ultimate car. Plenty of stang are running 9's 8's even 7's and you dont see us blabbin about it. So my point is dont come up her on a FORD board and get all anal when we dont bow down to a 4 car turbo'd family sedan.
  16. Hey A$$clown, take your but-pirating adventure stories back to the LS1 forums and be gone. :nice:

    Oh yeah; why don't you go troll this same drivel at 'Si vs All' forum and lets see you get your a$$ handed to you. They are very good at cleaning out the gene pool there. oh wait, you're probably a whooped troll from that site anyway. :rolleyes:

    So you come to the Stang Family that's a very generous and helpful community and rarely get a$$hat trolls like your self.

    Again...begone. :nice:
  17. OMFG! Another dumb **** flying around!! First of all, go rant at the HOT ROD mag people for comparing the two cars! Secondly, your fellow Rustang started this thread and I'm just here to put my 2 cents. If you don't like people coming over here, well start charging some people for their monthly membership.. Now you got yourself a Mustang hardcore site! Slow your roll cause you ain't paying for this site either. I have rights to come here and voice my opinion. Sadly, you guys are not getting it! Yeah, I don't see you blabbin it because that 9's and 8's are spending too much in the garage, you know the usual FORD thing. Ohhh yeah, we have alot of local supra's here that are running 10's, trust me! You probably live in Hicksville, that's why you ain't seeing that much. Am I right chief?
  18. Haha! YOu posted a weak ass car site just like this forum. No, I whooped people over there, just like in here.

    Generous? Helpful? You must be smoking some good $hit! Care to pass it on?
  19. Naw, I don't smoke. But you can smoke my d!ck you little bich.
  20. So far I have gather from this guys posts that we are a bunch of dumb hicks with cars that dont have the performance, cornering, versitility bla blablablablablahhhh

    We do get it. The FACT is that basically every car here in this SVT forum will smoke that ricy family car just as fast as you are smoking tfritz' pole.

    And now for OUR opinion: RICERS SUCK!!! Thats why this thread was started in the first place. All youve accomplished was a reinforcement of our opinions. Thank you rice boy. I predict your rights will be deminished in the form of Banning. Go watch 2F&2F again now.

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