Cobra vs WRX again

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96cobra3949, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. First off, I drive a wrx :banana: .

    If you want a car to make all out power, the STi is the wrong car. It isnt meant to make massive power like a Cobra is. I think that is pretty obvious from just looking at the engine choices. That being said, I think comparing the two cars is a valid thing to do, they cost relatively close to each other, and have similar performance stock v stock. Staying strictly stock, the STi is the winner in performace per $. However when we start talking about modding, the Cobra is the obvious winner, as you can do pretty much anything and everything that you can think of to a Mustang.

  2. Bro, you have a weak ass comback! Go sit in the corner. Haha! Naw, your GF told me that your d1ck is small, that's why you drive a Mustang Cobra to balance out the size. Poor little boy.
  3. Atleast this guy thinks differently, you go! :thumbsup:
  4. 1.) Yeah, your one of the top ten list. Next!

    2.) Pls, show your fact? Nah, but I heard you suck his little pole 24-7.

    3.) You are really sad, you think cleaned fast import doesn't exist. I've seen Rice out dumbestic cars just like every imports rice out there. Thanks for listening dumbestic boy. Now go take that lock and hit yourself with it... You might see reality, or do you want me to give you a reality check?
  5. EJwhatever, by any chance do you live in Jax, FL? Also, I have never lost to a Subaru and I used to street race quite heavily. Stop, roll, whatever. And I still had the crappy IRS. This seems like a stupid argument to me especially in a Mustang forum...

    And about "Accepting"? I dunno what you're smoking, but my experience there is not something I would describe as "accepting".

  6. man....all I can say is you make me feel ashamed to own a WRX. I thought we were a little bit better than this. Most WRX owners like myself repsect american muscle(or even own it in my case) and most of them previously drove american muscle cars. I don't discriminate when it comes to cars..if it's done right and not hacked I can respect it. I've owned thirdgen f-body's a 2000 firehawk trans am,and now two 5.0 HO cars one being my current mustang. But yes I drive a WRX as my daily driver and respect and know the potential of american muscle cars. You on the other hand should just give it up and stay on an import board..not even a WRX board because even they are too good to hear your BS. You should stick to a honda board or the equivalent. I hope everyone here disregards his actions and doesn't use him as an example for all WRX owners. Cause we're not like that...but ya anyways this thing should get locked up.
  7. Whoa! Slow down partner! I didn't even talk smack about the Cobra when I first came here, infact if you check my first post; you will see that I stated "Both cars are great, its just the subbie STi are more all around car(versatility) than the Cobra" Now, here comes the Mustang owner jumping my throat saying "WRX are just bunch of rice out cars".. Do you think I will sit here and watch this fools act and think like that? No! I respect cars that are cleaned and fast, just like you said. So don't be ashamed of yourself be ashamed of your mustang community.
  8. Why should I be ashamed of the mustang community..? You came onto a mustang board praising the Sti WRX. You cannot expect to do that and not be flamed or have some kind of comments made towards you. It comes with the territory. Granted you didn't talk smack to begin with you must understand this is a MUSTANG board. It would be like me going on over to is a very closed minded car community) and bragging about how great the Sti was and not expect to get flamed. It's just not going to happen. You just have to take it or go elsewhere bottom line.
  9. EJ25T you need help dude, what a waste of time. And what is your obsession with homo-erotic activities, it’s kinda creepy.

    I haven’t read the article; I didn’t read much of this post. But I did read enough to notice that to realize you’re a lost cause. You ask for proof but provide non of your own; you accuse people of being of a lesser intellect but have you read you own post, they are incoherent, incomplete and provide no actual basis for comparing these car. The only counter argument i have seen you use are personal attacks. YOU ARE THE REASON WE HATE F***ING RICERS. If you want us to respect you show us your right, don't just tell us!!!

    As for the whole Cobra vs. WRX. WRX= :owned: That’s the only answer your gonna get here, I mean what do you honestly expect. But why? For me there are 3 main reasons: 1) i would rather put the power to 2 sticky 315s in the rear than 4 215s any day. Over steer is more fun for me, and I prefer the higher cornering threshold. 2) Its a 4 door... that’s all i have to say (not performance related but when is the last time you took 3 friend for a lap around willow spring?) 3) Power, I don't care how well a wrx handles, it will not make up for the 100hp/tq deficit in anything faster than an auto-x.
    Now i don't expect this post to be a life changing experience for you and that’s ok, you entitled to your opinion. Besides, if it wasn't for rice our kill lists wouldn't be 1/8 as long.

    Jeff <-- really really bored.
    edit=too long w/ quotes
  10. Both cars are good in there own ways. Like I have said before on another post, I almost bought an STI, actually I made the offer on it first and they started messing with me so I went to the Ford dealer instead. A good friend of mine has an STI and driving both cars stock the cobra was faster for both of us.

    On the track at Thunder Hill we both had the faster times in the cobra, but when we did tighter autocross tracks the STI was clearly the better car. Overall I think both cars are equal stock as everyday drivers, but once you start modding, the Cobra becomes a clear winner. We both have put 2k into our cars, and he has seen only a 24hp jump to my 86hp jump, and I wont mention torque.

    Bottom line I have had 28 cars so far, more foreign than domestic, and to get a 9 second American car it usually takes 8k in mods; you look at the foreign cars and it takes twice that much on average, with less reliability.
  11. Just to remind everyone here - this is where Mr. Jacka$$ got nasty, and this is why I jumped on his Ricing-A$$ed back. It was a very civil thread till he/it went and harassed SIlverBulletGT. That aint gonna happen - sh#tPile. This is a mustang forum, and we stick together. Waterman is right, this is why we hate ricers. In fact, you define Ricer to a tee. It aint about the car you drive, its your stupid numbskull attitude, and your vulgarities. Hopefully, EJ's Mommy and Daddy will find out how he/it's abusing the internet and punishes his punk-A$$.

  12. this sounds like another import mag racer trying to talk trash plain and simple.
  13. EJ25T....What tha hell are you even doing in here. Do you even have WRX STi, if not you have no right to talk $*#&. You get an STi and beat a cobra, then you could talk some $*#&. The only reason you would want one anyways is because you cant handle the power of a Cobra anyways.

    Don't talk Crap unless you can back it up!!!!!
  14. omfg, your stupidity really makes me laugh. FOr one thing no i dont live in "hicksville" i live in oakland california, and if you know anything about it then you know that its not very much a "hicksville" at all. ANd another i wasn't bagging on any supra or sti so dont get so defensive about what you say or hear. I simply said that i think that the comparision of an sti to an 03 cobra is a poor one. I not once said that either car or any car in that matter sucked. I just simply noted that they are two different vehicles that were made to do two totally different things. DO i like STI's or supras or skylines??? to be honest i think that the skyline is one of the best cars around with the supra not for behind it. But that doesn't mean i will do something such as you did and come on a board and rant on other peoples cars because of what a magazine has stated.

    ph and p.s. why do you constantly talk about poles and dicks and penis's ???? is their a secret obsession that you have and this is the only way you can get your daily fix, by talking about them none stop?? I mean honestly grow up. Im only 16 and i can definetly spot an inmature person when i see one or listen to one talk. So just stop all this name calling and stay on topic. You just might get some respect from people for once.
  15. Similar performance stock v stock? Stock sti is 300hp and stock Cobra is 390hp(and Ford is sandbagging, its closer to 425hp). I spent $2k in mods and was dynoed at 440rwhp and 462rwtq. There are Cobras with 2.80 and 2.76 upper and 6lb lower pullies and ported Eatons making over 500rwhp. And we havent even started talking KB or the new Whipple or Procharger. Add another $2k in suspendion mods and the Cobra kicks butt on the road course.
  16. Guess you really crack yourself up huh? What ever floats your boat dude.

    Hmm...that's not what your mom told me.

    Yeah you showed me, you big internet bully. :rolleyes:
  17. yo

    hey EJ. i dont recall you telling anyone what you drive in these threads? you talk ***** about everyones car, and i bet that everyone that you sayed ***** too has a way nicer car than you do, and im shure they know how to drive it. I dont even own a mustang anymore, i am a proud owner of a 91 formula firebird 350. by your addditude you must shurely drive the generic 89 4 door family sedan accord, with your wopping 95 "front wheel" hp, some wally world hubcaps, sporting the bondo where once your softball sized hole of rust over your rear wheelwell, oversized spoiler that does absolutly nothing becides slow you down, and if you are creative it can be used as a bench, or you can use it to bake cookies. and your oversized exaust tip, (no fart muffler i stress),the ones that they sell at advanced auto that are labled "2 fast 2 furious" and they light up you know... and the dime sized whole in the exaust. and complete with the burned out front headlight. This is the car you drive huh? typical of inner city scum here in allentown pa. and dont be calling me a dumbass, cause i probobly know tons more about cars then you do, and im only 15. im shure all the mustang owners around here would agree?
  18. First off this is a great thread, i love when someone has nothing better to do then be a thorn in the ass of another board, but if it makes him happy so be it. Both are great cars but i would totally have to give the nod to the cobra, first off in one word VERT!!! there is nothing better than driving a high horsepower vert on a summer night with the v 8 rumble out behind you, and second i'm sorry but the mustangs interior is much much mroe comfortable to sit in then the sti's, my two cents i wonder how much longer this dude will **** and moan,

    late DC
  19. You need some spelling lessons, man! Hook on Phonics can really help you.
  20. Haha! When did the Recaro company made a freakin sofa seat?? Yeah, thats what the STi got and pls don't compare that to a freakin Mustang sofa seats.. I **** and moan if you don't know what you are talking about, idiot.
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