Cobra vs WRX again

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96cobra3949, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. Ha! This guy even link this thread to Club Si! Don't tell me you are calling for back up!? What a turd!
  2. ha

    Have I already replied to this?? who cares i guess

    Yes 13.3 is a ****ty time for an 03 cobra...novice driver or MAYBE a ricer was driving the cobra haha?

    The WRX doesnt come close to the cobra stock...sorry but it just doesnt and im not speaking from Mag Articles or things i heard via the Net. I go to the track and see it.

    I saw a modded WRX at the track bigger turbo and it only was running 13.2.. Then at the end of the day it left early and sounded terrible..something had broke and it was limping home.

    The 03 CObra does MId to high 12s STOCK. I ran 12.76 with a lousy 2.10 60 ft but I know people who have done even better.

    I dont think these two cars are comparable at all. The Subaru is a fun quick little four door commuting car that can be driven in all weather conditions. It isn't a race car and defiently isnt a drag race car...

    NOW IMOP the Subaru is ugly as hell, CHeap and slow. I wouldnt even buy one for a commuter. I have been impressed with Audi as a fast AWD car that can handle the commute as well as Auto X and the quality is there. If I go car for my commuter next time its gonna be an Audi. Might get a truck though so I can tow the COBra!
  3. oh yeah

    HERE YOU GO.....


    Me Against any WRX...preferably modded so I dont have to hear you whine when you get crushed by my oh so modded CObra (chip and pulley)

    Put your driving where your mouth is......


  4. hey ***, go back to your riceboy forums. And why would i waste my time in making shure i spell all the words corrrectly when im typing about you, personally i dont see why the mustang board is even wasting there time arguing with your pathetic a**. i bet you dont even have a car do you? and if you DO have a car its probobly a econo box 89 accord. sorry man but i think your a fu*ing fa**ot, so does everyone that posted on this thread.
  5. Haha, because it's an eye sore and makes me think you are a dumb turd, which is true. "personally i dont see why the mustang board is even wasting there time arguing with your pathetic a**." You should ask them, not me foo! I guess they can't get enough of me! I'll tell you what is my pimp ride, come closer so i can whisper it to you. Your mama..;)
  6. Your on like Donkey Kong!:thumbsup:
  7. Since the Tough internet bully stated she "whooped people" on Club Si, I'd figure it would be fair to let them defend themselves.

    Dude, it'd be amazing how reserved you'd be if you where standing face to face with me. But I guess it's safer to be a keyboard warrior. :rolleyes:

    (ok, here comes the "I'm 6ft 300lbs and if I where there I would...")

    Stop talking to me, I don't have time to waste on you. Aparantly you have way too much time on your hands and have to run spell check, edit and delete for your drivel...FYI pointing out spelling errors is ghey, some people just don't have the time or care for spell check responding to your drivel. If claiming to "whoop someones a$$" on a car forum makes you feel good, then you are a very sad person. :(

    P.S. I didn't check my spelling or grammer...enjoy. :nice:
  8. It's grammar not grammer, dumbass..
  9. and there you have it....ghey. :rlaugh:
  10. ok

    Are you even anywhere near NJ? I never looked to see.

    Well Im serious...but so far any time I have challeneged anyone from hear to race...even in the NE forum... NO ONE shows up...

    I'll be there..Im always there... and I love to beat IMPS!
  11. EJ25T, I’ll admit Recaro makes a good seat, but I have spent some time in a STI and of course my Cobra, and the seats in the 03 Cobras are much more comfortable and just as supportive as the Recaros in the STI. They are also more adjustable for a better seating position.
  12. ej is gay

    yo EJ, why dont you wanna say what you drive anywayz? huh huh huh? you donkey raping ***! and you ARE a big scary internet bully, "give me all your lunch money!". go back to your fart can muffler riceboy forums.
  13. i love recaro seats. Never sat in an 03 cobra but i am a huge fan of sparco and recaro seats. :nice:
  14. ya im with him. wat kind of car do you drive EJ????

    oh ya and why do you keep saying "give respect where respect is due"?????? I respect and sti, but taht doesn't mean i would want one over an 03 cobra or think that there better.
  15. why do you bag on people and say " that was a weak comback bro" and then say something even stupider such as " you were sucking his little pole 24-7" ??? i mean damn that doens't sound to good either.
  16. My screename should give you a clue..;)
  17. I thought I would post up on this topic. I own a WRX and absolutely love it.It has been a fantastic car.Just like Hot Rod mentioned it being a great commuter car etc...I also love my 93R for the same reasons everyone enjoys their Cobra's.I don't consider myself a ricer but a car enthusiast :nice: I see both cars having merits and flaws and I'm happy Hot Rod had the guts to run the article that was published. SVT job is to bring cars to market that will compete on the world's stage. I don't think Big John at SVT would be upset with Hot Rod.
    As far as all this sniping going on I will leave everyone to their own opinions. :)
  18. it didn't give a clue? :shrug: so just tell me :)
  19. I thought I told you to leave a long time ago! Later homey!
  20. Your pathetic EJ, you wont even tell us what you drive? i know people who drive piece of **** old dodge caravans that say they have one, why wont you tell us what u drive? probobly because you dont have a car, or your afriad to tell us cause you will probobly get laughed at. so what is it? and im not guessing.
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