Cobra vs WRX again

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96cobra3949, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. Everyone knows that the Cobra would spank the STi with any kind of street track tire. We've all seen the 12.7s these guys have been putting down with their untouched motors.

    The truth is the STi is an excellent car, and pretty quick also. However, I was at a local road coarse about a month ago and saw an '03 Cobra spanking almost every other 'street' car on the track except a modified M3. Not bad....

    Also note that no car has ever been a considered 'classic' unless it has two doors. Can you think of one? I can't.

    Also, what's with the snorkel on the STi? It looks like a submarine or something. I think superjeu could have come up with something better than that.

    BTW: Freiburger is a writer for Hot Rod. I'm pretty sure he owns a real nice '01 Bullitt that's been featured a couple of times in the magazine.
  2. I owned a 2004 Platinum Silver WRX STi with basic bolt on. This was on pump gas at 15psi..
    <a href = >Shakedown</a>.
  3. EJ25XXXXXXXXXXX is the engine code for STi, therefore I owned an 04 WRX STi.. There ya go! I also posted a vid.
  4. Snorkel?? Are you referring about the hood scoop? You actually don't have any clue whats that for?? Haha! All WRX are using TMIC a.k.a (Top Mount Intercooler) It sits on the top of the engine where the hood scoop is located at.. That scoop draws air for the intercooler to prevent heat soak and charged cold air for the turbo!

  5. I dont care what you say or what the STI can do........ITS STILL FUGLY!

    that is all :flag:
  6. how comes you ended that vidio before they showed ur Time?
  7. nevermind, i looked at the end i see it. sry
  8. Likewise.
  9. I thought your point of being on here was to:
    So then why are you making fun of the car I drive?

    Re-evaulate yourself first.

    Oh and I hate WRX's and have no respect for them no matter what they can do.
  10. Is that even a car? Slow and ugly.. Atleast, the Cobra can go fast in straights.. Pls, shoot yourself for buying that.

    I rest my case here! Adios!

    BTW, the guy who asking me for a friendly run, see ya there!:)
  11. Yeah, you are definitely a moron. Besides, who else pays for their own $17k while a student in college? I don't come from a rich family so excuse me if I can't afford everything you can. I make do with what I have. At least I drive something reputable.
  12. why would Cobra owners know the beginning of your VIN? Mine's 1FAF, did you know that? Come on, I know a lot of import guys and almost none are this pathetic.
  13. That is a very good number for an STI, but a 03 cobra with basic boltons will run upper 11’s on street tires.

    Were you running slicks? What are the basic boltons? :shrug:

    I am still consider a STI for my new family car to replace the SUV, but my friend hasn’t been able to get into the 12’s with his so I’m wondering what it’ll take.

    BTW I travel through Oakland all the time what track was that you were at?
  14. sounds like your daddy bought your car for you huh EJ? and dude, i dont think the cobra handels as bad as you think it does, and i could keep up with you on handeling anyday with my car with no suspension mods. wrx's are not as great as they say they are.
  15. What's the quarter mile time of a stock WRX and a stock WRX Sti? Thanks.
  16. WRX 14.6 STI 13.2 according to Road and Track
  17. Hey, there's nothing wrong with one's father buying one's car! :)
  18. **** this ej guy, lets just beat the **** out of him,f uck his car hes just asking for a bruised face
  19. awww man nice video thats one nice sounding sti. But if its really yours or not i do not know, but never the less its a nice ride.
  20. hey, if those times you posted are correct, dude the wrx is so overrated! my cars tons faster than that and it weighs 3500 lbs. and its only got 245 hp stock. everyone around my area brags cause they got a wrx and how its so fast and stuff, i think there just full of ****.
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