Cobra vs WRX again

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96cobra3949, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. I think everyone needs to step back and stop internet racing!
  2. Why do you assume that my parents bought Sti for me? I'm 22, work as Full-time supervisor for UPS HUB facility, with nice income and benefits.. What do you do?
  3. No, I'm not running slick tires, just the stock RE070 Potenza tires, they grip pretty good!

    My mods are:
    Godspeed Downpipe
    Godspeed up-pipe
    SUS intake
    Ultimate Racing Turboback exhaust
    Turbo XS HPBC
    WORX tuning BOV...This is with the stock IHI VF39 turbo..

    The only mod I didn't do yet was the header. I'm thinking getting the Gruppe-S V2 header...

    I've seen stock STi that ran [email protected] mph stock.. Go check and the guy posted his slip. Of course, driving skills counts too. I'm shooting for 11's this coming spring
  4. Nice to know UPS have programs for speacial people in their work force. :D

    So you got time slips?
  5. EJMan, if you hadnt been such a total ****head in the earlier part of this post, you'd be getting alot more respect now. How about an appology to all those that you insulted?

  6. ive gone head to head with a done out STI impreza, but not eith my stang, the impreza is more evenly matched to a Ford escort cosworth.

    I did roast him quite nicely around a track, and in a 1/4 mile drag, and in a speed test.

    That impreza is geared to move with close ratios.

    Cobra Vs. WRX is like comparing a Big rig driver to an enviromentalist

    my top speed on my escort is just under 180mph
  7. oh yeah maybe you should take a peak at my cars specs, i've maybe put in 3000 into the engine, thats all. from the factory it comes read to race, all i did was put ARP kit in, head gasket, and specail cams, the T$ turbo comes stock

  8. I think I saw your car in another post. Nice.
    I didn't know about Cosworths until I saw Getaway in Stockholm. :nice:
  9. if your talking about me saying your daddy bought your car, well im 15, i have no job, and a sophmore in highschool. i would post a pic but its too big to post it

  10. Good luck hitting the 11 second barrier, in a impreza, first off if you can even get that much power out of that boxer, you'll end up breaking your front half shafts, let not forget about you tranny. you need to invest in a full group A, grounp N rally drive train. you can forget 11 seconds otherwise.

    good luck
  11. I just posted a vid mang! Page 4, go look! *shakedown*
  12. I dont need to get in this ****ing match but thought I would post this. My little cousin has an 01 or 02 wrx I dont know the difference between the sti and regular one. (just isnt my style car) But I know he has an aftermarket turbo and intercooler, BOV, wastegate and a 75 shot running 22psi plus exhaust fuel pump and all the rest of it. He also has a standalone ecu that he and I personally tuned by trial and error over several weeks at the track and on the street with the help of a wide band o2 that I have. Best pass ever was 12.17 on the factory rubber bringing the 75 shot on line with WOT. The next pass he floated a valve lost a couple keepers and bent a few valves. Two months later with 4 new BFG drag radials sitting at line @5500 with 14psi he side stepped the clutch and scatter blasted the tranny. The car is now sitting cause he is out of cash. Point being hes got a lot o cash in that car and its a fast car for what it is. I know it could run deep into the 11's if the car would hold up. I have driven his car many times and it handles very well. It is very easy to drive and drive fast even a novice could get that car to run well. The Cobra however takes some finesse to get the best out of it. I dont really have an opnion on the wrx other than if thats what you like go get one. I happen to prefer the Cobra and would always rather have a V8 monster that will unexpectedly make your ass hole pucker up :D
  13. I ran low 12's, go check my vid on page 4 of this thread.. It's [email protected] on pump gas..
  14. i say.. give credit where credit is due... STi is a very nice car.. fast.. fun..and AWD... an acquaintance of mine.. not really a friend.. his name is Chris Sartor .. i dont know if u know him .. ran 11's in his normal WRX with upgraded turbos/ intercooler/ etc etc... hes a rich kid and he put a lot of money into it but still .. it ran 11's...
  15. I want to see who wins the race! Then this ****ing match will be solved. :rlaugh:
  16. If I'm not mistaken, but from your post it seems as if you used to have this car?
    What do you have now?
    Nice vid, nice car :nice:
  17. Okay I'm going to post a random video of a Mustang running 10's and say it's mine because I'm trying to prove a mute point :flame:
  18. WRX are not that bad, but if I had both, I'd drive the WRX as my all-season daily beater and my cobra would be my weekend toy. What is odd for me, is that a WRX owner thinks that 0-60 is a race. When we are talking "run what you brung", you'll see plenty of cobras putting out 500hp and geting 11s runs for like 2 grand. I have yet to see even a few WRX doing better than 12's spending over 5k in upgraded turbos and whatnot.

    If you want to live in this magasine world where every car is a virgin without having it's mod or race cherry popped... I think you are in for a surprise. A turbo upgrade to get into 12s? Please. All I have to do is learn to drive the car to its potential and change a set of tires to pull off mid-low 12s.

    A WRX can't be that great of a car with 5k in mods, AWD and lighter to not beat a stock cobra with a set of sticky tires.
  19. hey now

    well I have seen at least three of them run at ENglishtown and the closest any of them came was a 13.3 or 13.2 and that was heavily modded according to the owner. I forget all the details and I dont know much about the car aside from it being slow and ugly JK JK JK (I AM AMAZED WE HAVENT BEEN SHUT DOWN YET HEHE)

    I have never seen one run faster than that. sO BASICALLY i think you are full of it. I really do hope you are from somewhere around NJ and can get to Englishtown. Ill put my stock pulley back on and race you...

    You are probably like all the "Vette owners" on here that were saying the z06 is faster than the 03 cobra stock. Thats actually true (but barely) and I challenged people from NJ here on stangnet...told them when I was going to be there and I did it several times...and NO ONE SHOWED...


    HEY this guy is probably some School Kid getting off on this :lol:

    MAN I CANT WAIT UNTIL MARCH when the track reopens......ohhhhhh
  20. hey UPS pays good man. friend of mine's brother did that stuff. Anywho saying that its a "shakedown" run doesn't mean anything really. You could get a slow time and then say "shakedown" and its doesn't mean *****.

    Oh y aand you said that you ran pump gas??????? Damn thats basically what everyone here is running to, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :nice:
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