Cobra vs WS6 Trans Am ... who wins?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Slapyo, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. so i'm curious. if it came down to it, stock cars, drivers the same...which car would come out on top? the reason i ask is cause some guy on this gaming site i visit said:

    is this just his ignorance?
  2. ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL... Stock vehicles and identical drivers...

    WS6 vs 2001 or older Cobra -> win goes to WS6
    WS6 vs 2003/2004 Cobra -> win goes to the Snake.

  3. Drivers being equal I am unsure how he thinks the WS6 would win when the Cobra has a several tenth advantage.

    Oh, I am sure, he is an idiot. Someone blinded by brand loyalty, a common idiot. That is all.
  4. What year WS6? 01s and 02s had the LS6 intake and I've seen, in the hands of a good driver, clip off high 12.7s-low 12.8s stock. I really don't know what a stock 03/04 Cobra will run stock since I have never seen a stock one, most are usually modded already! Someone fill me in on that data.
  5. In the hands of a good driver...the current record for a bone stock '03 is 12.6 by Evans at MM&FF.

  6. I went to an SLP convention with my brother who has a 99 SS camaro and there were all sorts of modded out SS and WS6's running all day and not a single one ran faster than 12.6-12.8. These cars were all naturally aspirated but they were modded out quite a bit. I own a 03 Cobra and by third gear z28s modded are so far behind its crazy. I'm sure modded Z28 will run with a WS6 so the results should be pretty close. Mine was stock last time I ran a Z28.

  7. That's pretty good! That could be a good race with two skilled drivers. I would think that the WS6 with the live axle would get the whole shot and the Cobra would be faster on the big end!
  8. Yup! That's usually how it goes too... too bad the chances of seeing those two cars, bone stock, racing each other with equal drivers would be very rare!


  9. . . . ain't that the truth!