Wheels-Tires cobra wheels on a 91

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  1. I scored a set of cobra wheels for 400 bucks i did the 5 lug conversion with sn95 spindles and axles was wondering if anyone has put these on their car.
  2. slap em on and go
  3. madspeed you wouldnt know their width do you i havent picked them up yet and also i wanna know the width tire i could put on them
  4. What year Cobra wheels are they?

    I had 94/95 Cobra wheels on my '86. They we slightly wider than 8" (don't remember if it was 8.5 or a little less). The factory tire size for those was 255/45. I think I had 255/55s on them, though. It was a while back, so I don't remember. I do remember that they rubbed the splash shield up front a little bit, but that was it. I can post a pic if you want.
  5. Yeah post a pic please i dont know which ones they are they are the skinnier spokes of the two cobra wheels they made between 2000 and 95 i looked em up some people say they are one year and others say they are another
  6. Post up a pic and someone here should be able to tell you definitively.



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  7. Nope mine look nothing like them haha i will post a pic when i get them
  8. There's a polished and painted version of this wheel. They are 17x8


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  9. 245/45-17 is the stock size for that and would probably be just fine for your car. I've seen people put tires as wide as 275/40 on an 8" wheel. Not sure if that's recommended or not.
  10. Im not going 245 haha
  11. When I sold that car, the guy who bought it threw some 275/40 DRs on the rears.

    I'd buy that car back if I could find it again. :( Last I saw it was for sale about five years ago from a guy in SW Missouri.

    Edit: I just remembered that what I just posted is irrelevant since those tires are slightly wider than what you have.
  12. 255/45/17 then.

    They are 8" wide rims, you could put 275/40/17's on the rear, but your handling will suffer as the sidewall rolls over on itself in a hard turn.

    You generally want to stay within 2" wider than the rim size. a 275 is 11", so you are 3" wider. A 255 tire is 10" wide.

    The only Cobra to come with a rim wider than 8" was the 1995 Cobra R, 2000 R and the 2003-2004 cobra with 9" rims and 275's
  13. I have 03-04 cobras and they are 9" all around 245 on the front with 275s on the back. Go for the Cobras!
  14. See all the ones ive seen the center caps have the whole cobra mine 3 of them have the cobra facing you as if it was gonna bite you then one cap has R on it
  15. Ok so heres a picture of the rims i did confirm that they are 17x9 with 275's on them already now the question is is 245 to small i checked tire rack and they say a 245 will fit between a 7-9 inch wide wheel but i feel thats a little stretched


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  16. Those are aftermarket 1995 Cobra Rs

    Proper tire size is 275/40/17

    But up front might be tight. You can run a 245/45/17 or 255/45/17 if you wish

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  17. Oh ok cool would 245 be to small?
  18. Well, the sidewall will be even with the rim, so kiss a curb and you are ruining your wheels

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  19. True statement ill have to think about that because the 275 hit the coilover now so 245 is 3/4 smaller on each side which should give me some wiggle room
  20. How can you tell they are real?