Wheels-Tires cobra wheels on a 91

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  1. Well, the center cap is aftermarket and I don't believe it would fit a real R wheel.

    If they were real, there would be a Ford logo and p/n cast into the backside.

    Also real Rs are discontinued, so they tend to be fairly expensive...especially if the are M179 cobra Rs designed For Fox Mustangs (as opposed to the R50/R58 rim)

    M179, R50 and R58 are the last digits of the Ford part number designating the three offsets

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  2. Ill have to check because they are fords i did see ford logo on the back of one spoke and i realize the center caps are fake i looked on the back of them and said Taiwan
  3. This is for the copper car you are doing ?

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  4. Yes sir.. powdercoat them satin black
  5. While a 245/45 tire will definitely fit on a 9" wide wheel, I've always felt (this is just my opinion) that they're smaller width made them look wierd. IE: not nearly enough tire for the wheel.

    As far as the center caps go, I had a set of replica Cobra R's on my '02 GT onto which I installed real center caps. Here's what they're supposed to look like.


    This thread has some good info on that:


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  6. I beg of you to sell them and put something different on that thing satin or chrome that car is gonna be sick when your done and I feel the wheels are going to hold it back
  7. toolow91 what did you have in mind these were cheap so if I end up not liking them I'll definitely go something else they did have some fr500s there but I didn't like the black with a machined lip
  8. do fr500 satin with a machined lip would look sick or anthracite
  9. I don't really like them though the wheels will be the only thing in the exterior of the car that has a silver hue to it I mean they are nice wheels don't get me wrong but idk if it will look right
  10. Idk that car is gonna pop I think if needs something different wheel wise to finish it
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  11. We shall see it wasn't much for the wheels it'll be 75 a wheel to have them podercoated if I don't like them I could easily sell them on here
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