Cobra's hood

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  1. I hope they plan on changing the hood on the Cobra. Maybe those vents have purpose, but it's a bit buttugly imho.
  2. I like the hood. :D
  3. Motor trend said that the reason for them was that at high speeds a lot of air is pushed into the 05 engine conpartment through the grill, with the bigger grill of the cobra some way to let the air out was necessary.
  4. I totally love the hood, must be at the very least similar
  5. Yea, the Cobra hood is awesome looking. It isn't bare like the '05 GT/V6, but it isn't as obtrusive as the scoop on the previous GTs. Adds a real nice character to the Cobra, kinda a "tough, but civilized" appearance.
  6. Cobra GT500 Hood = :nice: I think everything on the car is suppose to be functional. That is why they left off side scoops, because they wouldn't be functional.
  7. Cobras hood is ugly??? WTF??? Nothing about this car is ugly except maybe the price and the wait list when it arrives. :shrug:
  8. I TOTALLY AGREE. I LOVE that car. It is so beautiful. I can't wait to see one in real life! :nice:
  9. not functional in factory version... arrrgghhh!!!

    Picked up the June '05 copy of Hot Rod Magazine. Page 52: The biggest appearance change will be to the hood, where the inset functional extractor grilles will be nonfunctional and raised proud on the surface. So not only will it be f*****g ugly, it'll be f*****g useless too! :damnit: :fuss: Krikey!! why don't they add big nonfunctional side scoops too! And some 8 inch exhaust tips that shoot flames. and while we're at it some useless roof scoops, and some completely functional rear quarter window scoops!!! And some flames painted on behind the front wheels. Hell, chrome it up a bit and throw a gamestation in the cockpit too!!! suffering psyche, nothing more disturbing than a useless hood scoop :puke:

    I suppose they've got a year or so. I hope they get it right by then. The article says Ford is trying to keep it under $40k. that would be sweet. can always get a new hood, I suppose. I wonder if the racing stripes are mandatory?
  10. I agree with you. Ford shouldn't put any FAKE performance parts on this car. It's fine on the secretary-version V6 but Carroll Shelby ought to be standing on his head if they have non-functioning parts on this car. I also think the car is better served without the racing stripes. But it they have to keep them, let them stop just short of the end of the hood and trunk. They look like corrugated cardboard going down the front and rear of the car. At least it's good that they are gong to be applied with tape. At least it can be removed.
  11. SVT said that the vents on the hood of the show car are not functional. They will be on the production car. Hot Rod mag got it wrong.
  12. so on another thread there were pics of the test mule doing some laps. And, we've all seen the shots of Shelby driving the mule. Both have a big giant non functional scoop looking thing on the hood (likely to make room for the blower). What if the final production has something kinda like that. Something like the old big giant boss 429 scoops (I think that's right) BUT IT'S FUNCTIONAL. I think that would be kinda sweet. Although there is a part of me that thinks it might look like hell. Would have to see it.

    Obviously they are going to have to make some consideration for hood clearance, so the stock mustang gt hood is a no go. It will be interesting and an important over all factor in the look of the car.

    As Stated in an earlier post, I love the concept car hood, that would be #1 for me.

  13. Yea, they got it reversed. On the car that was at the NYAS the reverse scoops were fake. On the real car they will be real. They needs them to get rid of the extra air being fed into the Cobra's larger front grill.