Cobrask8 Comes Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. :banana: It's Home!! :banana:

    Met Pak up at Factory Five, did not see any roaming attack dinnerware! :lol:

    After a great breakfast (thanks Pak), we helped load the roadster onto my trailer, played in the showroom cars, and even snuck into the R&D department!!!

    A slow drive home due to a heavy load, and breaking tie down straps (broke two), but it's home, in the garage, and now it's time to get to work!

    I'll keep everyone posted! :nice:
  2. Congrats! That's gonna be aweeeesome, definately keep us updated!
  3. that's gonna be cool Dan, hope that money from the headlight bucket will help ya out
  4. if youda pulled that thing with a real truck and not some ranger-banger :banana:
  5. Um, my truck is even lower..................

    A 4-cyl 2WD Tacoma......
  6. Looks great Dan! I can't wait to see all the updates. I want to build one in a year or two down the road so I'm excited to see how things go with the Cobrask8 buildup.
  7. Glad the trip went well inspite of my absence! Sorry I couldn't be there to keep you to in trouble.......errr, I mean outta trouble!:nice::D

    One question tho', If PAKRAT is now Paksk8, does that make me BBFCMsk8?:shrug:

    I did notice that Pak looked decidedly healthy, not at all the image I expected of a man who was viciously mauled by a feral stack of dinnerplates just over a month ago!:nono: methinks something smelleth fishy in Cape Cod! and Exeter, NH!:nonono:

    So Chepsk8....are you going to have it completed in time for Deanna to drive it for her road test?:scratch: :D
  8. That orange Cobra you posted was gorgeous. Is that the color your going with ? Was that the same orange that Plymouth used on the Prowlers?
  9. Colorwise, that orange was a bit too bright, but exactly right, Prowler Orange. I'm leaning towards the burnt Orange used on some 2004 GM and Ford cars, with Grey stripes of some sort.
  10. What happened to Indian Fire?:scratch:
  11. Basically, the same color as Chepsk8, just modern paint. When you are out driving about, look for this color. You will see it's almost a perfect match for Indian Fire.
  12. Congrats! Its gonna look great!
  13. If you have a good paint supplier, he can mix you Indian Fire with "modern"'s just a matter of having the original "formula" available!
  14. That just looks like pure potential for fun. I can't wait to watch the build-up. :nice:
  15. Make sure you document EVERYTHING from start to finish with plenty of photos.......then when you are done you can publish the entire project as a "How-To" manual for those of us who are contemplating building one!:nice::banana:
  16. One important thing to make sure you check. When you finally have it done and running, make sure the gas pedal doesn't get stuck at WOT, or anywhere near it. My dad spend 2 years building one up. Had 44 miles on it and the throttle stuck on him. He went to turn the key off, but turned it too far and locked the steering wheel. Luckily, the roll bar was installed and it saved his life because he hit a tree and flipped it over.
  17. Documenting

    I will be documenting everything! I already have over 100 pics of the donor & dis-assembly, trips to FFR, more. I will be submitting the story to KIT CAR Magazine as a Practical build in a one-car garage, very much in the same format as the CHEPSKATE CHRONICLES I authored in Mustang Illustrated years ago. My whole goal is a fun, affordable build that I can enjoy, get dirty, and play with!

    Yes, Everything will be pictured, and already tracking all costs. Maybe I should start a new site? Lord Know's my current site here is ancient!!! :p
  18. Glad you got home safe and sound Dan, nice to finally meet you too. So which straps broke anyway? Glad you didn't loose anything! You know, funny thing, about an hour into my trip home I ended up passing that other guy that got loaded up right before you did. I tried to snap a pic but I was flying on the left and he was running along side a truck on the right.

    Well, it is on the coast you know, lots of fish there. OK, I'll fess up, I decided to cop-out the first time as soon as I found out you were on board. :rolleyes: Does that type of confession make you feel any better? Me thinks not. :p

    Actually, as I'm sure Dan will testify, I was a good 20 steps behind him most of the day, my knee locked on me at least 4 times in the 3 hours we were there. He almost managed to ditch me in the R&D department but I tracked him down. Actually the PT has helped alot, but in 2 weeks I get the surgery and then it's back to crutches and slowly starting the whole process of walking all over again. :nonono:
  19. Are you sure it wasn't vice versa?:scratch:
  20. You mean the R&D dept. tracked me down to a ditch? :scratch: No, I'm pretty sure it happened the other way. :rolleyes: