Cobrask8 Comes Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. and the sights aligned! Birdshot just over thier heads.....
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a moon-shot of rock salt!:D
  3. Don't even need rock salt anymore! This is from personal experience: Even the little gangbanger druglord wannabe's in my hood - those who talk about their 9's and 40's - generally tend to vacate (leaving no trace save maybe a couple of pee-trails) when they only hear the particular "Chunk-CHUNK" of a Model 12 (or even the el-cheapo Mossy 500!) :nice: :nice: :nice:

    For those who may be offended, please read my 2nd sig line.
  4. But you let the redneck boy in..... guess it's a matter of taste...

  5. ya....and now he can't get rid of him!:nonono:

    btw...Have you ever heard the expression, "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer" ? :shrug:
  6. What he needs is some genuine New Jersey Muscle: The Soprano's!
  7. Oh, BTW

    not to HI-JACK my own hread back, but:

    Cobrask8 has started to be built. Having fun swapping and finding needed parts, cleaning and re-dressing the donor motor, building body bucks to store the body from the ceiling in my garage. All that is needed now is rear disc brake parts from a 94-95 'Stang, and guages, plus bit & pieces.

    It's fun again to start on a big project!

  8. PFFFFFTTTT!!!!! :p Tony Soprano wouldn't make it for more than 5 minutes out in the Sonoran desert without begging for a cellphone call to his Vegas goombahs for a rescue mission. :nonono: And, by the time those clowns figured out where Yuma was, I'd have drug ol' Tony out the the Imperial (CA) Sand Dunes and buried him the not-quite-filled part of the old "Return of the Jedi" set. :D (Think of the pit where Jabba the Hut was gonna toss Luke & Han).

    Joisey Muscle is no match for for native Desert Dawg whose ancestry is from both Western NY and Philly. Guys like me toss guys like them out in the desert to see how long they'd last - kinda like holding a magnifying glass between the sun and an anthill.

    As for this Texas-born lump on my couch.... well he hasn't really p'd me off - YET!

    Still Dreamin'

  9. :nonono: Don't even try to get this thread back on track. :D
    Make sure you leave hanging space in the rafters for those unwanted Hounds that may be sniffing after the Daughter. :)

  10. Or I could always take your "chums" shark fishing!:nice:

  11. Just as long as he doesn't live by the sword or think this buildup is foolproof! :D