COBRASK8 is BACK!!!!!!!!!! First pics from the wreck rebuild

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  1. I'm sure many of you remember my car, Cobrask8, a Gel-Coat low-budget fun car that saw both street duty...


    And track duty..


    And unfortunately the wreck at Watkins Glen in August of 2006 that destroyed the body and all the R/F suspension, aluminum, wheel, and anything in that corner...:jaw:




    After a long winter of tearing apart, repairing, improving, and re-assembling, I am very proud to re-introduce...

    COBRASK8 V.2!!




    The car still has ome issues to be worked out, as well as some coll new things I'll show youy guys soon (LED Taillights, more), but this weekend I finally got it street ready and took it out for a few rides. Damn, did that feel good!

    Watch out Watkins Glen! I'm back!!!!!!!!! :D

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  2. Like the loose nut behind the wheel?:shrug:
    Better pad the guardrails!!!:eek:
  3. :mad:

    Actually, the trans has a 3rd or 4th gear vibration at light throttle, and some little things, but so good to drive again!

    And:hail2: you saw the body before anyone else!
  4. Congrats, It looks spectacular! Talk about just in time, race season is just about to start.
  5. Now, Andy, I just need some of your "harem" to pose around it!
  6. LoL You bring it down here and i am sure i can make that happen! :nice: She has got a thing for v8's with no tops :SNSign:
  7. w00t!! It's alive ALIVE!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!
  8. I think that's Cobrask8 2.0..... they got rid of the V.2 stuff like, 15 years ago.
  9. Well, I know how it feels buddy. Glad to see it back on the road.

    Some sticky tires are in order :) Try the Nitto NT01's. They made a huge improvement on the the handling of Sinister.
  10. (Okay, Jay, you're making me do it; I don't want to do it, but I'm gonna be forced to do it :nonono: )

    Yeah - if they can keep '65 coupes off the medians on LV streets, they should keep Corbrask8 stuck to the track at Turn 9! :lol:

    EDIT: I'm sure Jay will get me back when I'm hunting a suspension rebuild kit for Battlestar Cleopatra. I figure driving up and crashing in a room in Henderson or Searchlight will probably still be cheaper than having a bunch of UCA's and extra-long leaf springs shipped!
  11. Now that I got THAT out of my system......

    Dan, all I can say is OUTSTANDING!!!!
    :nice: :hail2: :banana: :nice: :hail2: :banana: :nice: :hail2: :banana: :nice: :hail2: :banana:
  12. The Nito's were bought after the fact :bang:

    BTW it was a palm tree at the LVMS :(

    What do I do to derserve this kinda crap lol
  13. I thought it was a curb to the rear quarter?

    Regardless, it is always good to see projects like your's and Dan's actually driven. And the dignity at which you take your lumps and bumps and just fix them and keep moving forward is admirable.
  14. Easy!

    You post here with us whacko's!!!!:lol:
  15. No ****zle!

    Oh Krash, how did you get your name? :rolleyes:
  16. Long, wreckage strewn story that started with me on a bike vs. a Cadillac....

  17. Well, I jumped the curb to find the tree!

    I talked to Gary Patterson at Shelby after I took that turn, he said "I never hit that corner hard." "It aparently loads and unloads your suspension ever so subtle. It sure the hell caught me off guard!
  18. As it would be should Dan get Nitto's on Cobrask8 after having done the damage repair from Turn 9

    Oh, my mistake! I had heard that it was some kind of "Blind 85-yr-old hi-roller from Minnesota in an '81 Dodge Magnum cut me off!" - type accident.

    Ya hang out here, you're one of us (more than I am, at least your "mid-life crisis" is a Mustang, not the oversized Mercury version thereof!) So you get the crap same as the rest of us.

    NOTE: I really do like Cleo; she reminds me of my Gran Torino from college days. Same age, same powertrain, same wheelbase (did I mention that my Torino was a four-door?) :D
    Same hassles trying to find sheetmetal and various other parts :nonono:

    EDIT: Thanks to your website, Jay, I've figured out what wheels to get when after all the body-and-paint-work is done. 16" Vintage 50's; 4.5" BS according to Dodgestang's chart.
    Now I just have to explain to my wife why it's important to spend a grand on wheels for a car that I've alread proclaimed "Worth half of the $1500 we paid for it".
  19. Because you want to double it's value!:nice:
  20. Hey, thanks for the inspiration! :hail2:

    I can only count on helpful friends like you here at :SNSign: