COBRASK8 is BACK!!!!!!!!!! First pics from the wreck rebuild

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  1. Hey NP! What are friends for!
  2. Congrats Dan!
  3. Nah - it's "Cobrask8; now more crash-proof with Service Pack 2" :D
  4. This is a BEAUTIFULL car!!!!!!

    maybe one day I will build one.

  5. Now to upgrade the driver!:rolleyes:
  6. Go with an Opensource driver... Microsoft stuff seems to keep crashing... :D
  7. What if I just pulled to the side of the road & re-booted?
  8. You only hard boot someone else's car... Especially when they were the cause of your crash. ;)
  9. Hmmmmmmm, since the A/C Bristol (foundation of the original Cobra) was British; maybe we should use Brit terms (I can't believe I'm saying this on the eve of St Pat's Day) and suggest you "keep a spare driver in the boot" :D

    Okay, I really did just type this incendiary drivel on the eve of St Pat's Day, and I know I'm gonna end up pushing the [enter] key anyway :nonono:
    So, after I push the [enter] key; I'll just go get a another Guiness and put on my asbestos Fruit of the Looms right now! :nice:
  10. I think what StDr is trying to say is he wants to BOOT the DRIVER?:scratch:
  11. No, I said "stuff Cobrask8's driver in the boot"!

    First read about this from some "Ninja-girl" who has a myspace page. :shrug:

    And a dark '94 Civic :lol:
  12. Right! That's what I said, you want to BOOT the DRIVER!;):D:nice:
  13. Congrats, I WILL build or buy one of these one day. I love those cars!!
  14. Does this "Ninja-girl" perchance reside in Eastern PA?:scratch:

    If it's the one I'm thinking of, DON'T piss her off!:nono:
  15. Yes she does.
    And, get this: She even has a picture posted of her in a dress! :eek:

    That's like seeing a pic of Tink in a dress....... her Dad ought to check it out, just to prove to himself that she isn't all tomboy.
  16. She has a dress? I can't find one in her messy room.....
  17. On a magazine note, I have been picked up by Kit Car Magazine, and already have an article about the hydraulic clutch goiing into an issue soon, and now maybe the custom LED taillights!
  18. Wow that was pretty quick Dan, congrats!!!! Of course I guess it's easier when you can skip body prep and paint as well as having a great assistant like Deanna to lend a hand.

    Sooooo, how long do you think it will take before we have to schedule another reunion tour to factory five this time? Try and be a little more considerate and at least make it in the summer so I can cruise down in the 69'.:D
  19. I will be racing again at the Glen in August, so plan accordingly!

    How goes the repair of your car?
  20. Getting there. If spring would just get in swing they'll paint the engine bay and undercarriage in a few weeks then I can drop in the engine, get final paint and start putting it all back together again. I am hoping for end of April to be back on the road