COBRASK8 is BACK!!!!!!!!!! First pics from the wreck rebuild

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  1. Yo Pak, My buddy Jon and I are discussing a road trip to (MU) Manchester (CT) for parts sometime in the near (warmer) future, maybe early May or early June............:nice:
  2. So Cheapie - since you're now with Kit Car Mag; does this mean Cobrask8 is gonna get a supercileous voice box and a way-cool "scanning" light bar on the nose?

    I can hear it now; "Daniel, you're going too fast into that Turn 9! My automatic traction - stability system won't keep us safe if you don't slow down!"

    And hey Pak; great news on the 'vert. :nice:
    Last thing I'd heard was your commiserating with FallujahMedic about the repairs in a thread on one of the other boards.
  3. That's KITT Car.................For Knight Industries Two Thousand!!! Yes, I know, I watched too much TV as a youngster!:doh:

    But in this case it would be CIGS car.............For Cheapsk8 Industries Guardrail Scraper!:lol:
  4. Oh yeah, was that the Don Barry Nightmare or something? You been lurking?

    BTW, Michael says "Cool idea, I dig it!".

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  5. Yeah, it was the Don Barry deal. He had that up all over the Internet; and good for him! :nice: I can't imagine why I'd look all the way across the country for a Mustang; but I could live right in Jacksonville and not even park an early Mustang on their street for fear it would disappear, only to show up on their web page cleverly disguised as some rare Pony derivative! Guys like that give the good shops a bad rep by insinuation.

    One hope is that somebody is curious enough to Google that company before laying down any money (or bringing a car in for resto); and finds all those references - not just FallujahMedic's but some of the other references as well. That's actually how I found out that FM had hit all the sites; just Googled "Don Barry Mustang" out of curiosity.

    But yeah, I lurk in a few places.........
  6. Hey!

    That LED bar looks cool!
  7. Ya....but you don't have the Hasselhof hair!:nonono:
  8. and, I'm not a lifeguard or have a singing career in Germany....
  9. That's okay. We'll still let you hang out with us anyway!:nice:

  10. You mean this isn't you?

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  11. LMAO That is hillarious, :hail2:

    I think the next reunion needs to be a little closer to stangdreamin and I. Driving half way across the country is just not practical, even if we do love AMOKING just as much as the rest of them.
  12. Aauuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhh!!! My eyes!!!
    Please make it stop..................................:( :puke:

  13. Yes, Please!!!! :jaw: :ban: :lock:
  14. SOMETHING'S warped; and that's for sure and for certain!
    Oops, sorry! Just finished watching Quigley, Down Under" for like the 93,465th time

    Back to that image :puke: :puke: :puke: Makes me very sorry I ever took that so temptingly easy :stick: about Kit Car Mag :nonono:

    Bad, bad StDr :bang:
  15. Sorry, no trout............:chair:
  16. OFF TOPIC! Found out that they're running the RHPS at a local small town theater near me. I asked if there'd be freaks acting it out, they said probably not due to management concerns :bang: :bang: :bang:
    What's the point then?

    We now return you to the regularly scheduled thread...
  17. I don't think I ever seen RHPS without the freaks acting out......

    It's probably pretty boring that way :shrug:
  18. I watched it at home once. um, yeah... one of those movies that you have to see on the big screen. I found a place playing it in Kansas, is that where Andy is at? That would be a great date experience. :rlaugh: