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  1. "So Deanna, do you want the good news first, or the bad news first?" Is what I heard from dad as I picked up my cell phone yesterday, confused as to why he was calling, and even more confused as to why he was asking me this.
    "Good news." I replied wondering what happened.
    "Well, the ambulence driver said I'm alright, and they just kept my until my blood pressure dropped back to normal and my pulse as well."
    "Dad... Dad are you alright? Whats the bad news?" I said already getting worried.
    "Cobrask8, is wrecked."

    So yes, Dan has done it this time. In turn ten of Watkins Glen, he hit the rail and spun out. I don't have pictures of the car yet, but it's on the trailer and in wreck. Dad told me that the engine popped out of the mounts and popped the distribulor cap off as it hit. The front suspesion is mashed, the front of the body is un-repairable, and the aluminum work is in shambles. I hope he doesn't have to re-build yet another hydraulic clutch, that was on that side of the car too...

    Dad has promised pictures, and I shall post them as soon as I get them.
  2. Dammitalltoheckyoungladyyoushouldknowbetterthantoscareusgrayingoldfogieshalftodeath!

    My first thought on hearing the news was that your pops was road tar!
    THANK GOD he's okay.......the car can be either a) repaired, or if not b) replaced! (You really didn't want to go to college anyway, did you?)
  3. I was scared myself, I thought the car had flipped or something. Dad told me when I get home, we're going to start working on it right away. We've got all fall and all winter to do it. There were only two other car shows we wanted to bring it to, but that's not going to happen now. It's just gonna take a while... But what matters is that dad is ok.
  4. Here's the track layout, he spun off in turn 10:

  5. Where is the geezer now?
  6. Dad's still up at the track, coming home tonight I think, but he's not doing any more driving.
  7. :doh:
  8. Yep... I should call him and find out what's going on.
  9. Maybe you'll get to meet up with him and Pak again BBFCM if we have to go back up to FF5, I'll tag along this time.
  10. Give me at least one month warning and I'll be sure to schedule off from work for the trip!:nice:

    Perhaps we could get WORTH to come down off his COD and meet us up there for lunch?

    Speaking of road trips, my bud Jon and I have been talking RT to the MU store in Manchester, CT.......................:shrug:
  11. Damn great news that hes allright!

    Does he remember what happend and why he hit the rail>?
  12. glad to hear Dan is ok. the thing about racing is that cars get wrecked, no way around it eventually it will happen. i bet he is wondering right now if selling chepie was a good idea or not, though.
  13. Glad to hear Dan's okay. Shame about Cobrask8, though. :( It can be rebuilt, though.

  14. Thanks for IM'ing me this morning Deanna and filling me in. Be sure to tell Dad that I am up for ther factory five tour again if he needs a hand or if he needs me to make a run there in advance or what ever. I'll try to give him a call on the cell tonight.
  15. Your father called me last night right after he spoke with you and gave me the rundown. I've already been in contact with the upper management at FFR and they are awaiting our teardown, inspection, and the wants and needs list.

    Yours In Fords

    Bill "who do your think sold your father that trailer" S. :D
  16. Hi All,

    First off, I'm fine, just neck & left side is sore. My ego, pride, and wallet hurt more.

    Yes, COBRASK8 took a heck of a hit, much harder than I thought. The driver's side suspension is all bent & broken, though the frame is OK. Body is toast. Even ripped the motor off the mounts. Oddly enough, It did not dump any fluids on the track, and I even was able to drive it (if you can call it that) from the trailer into the garage.

    Time to pull it apart, fully survey the damage, and formulate a plan to resuciate COBRASK8.

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  17. Dad and I are going to be busy this fall and winter...
  18. Glad to hear that you're alright, sorry to see Cobrask8 hurt like that. But it's cheaper to replace car panels then the human body.
  19. Phewwww..... Glad to know he's alright and will be back in the driver seat soon. Damage to COBRASK8 doesn't look too bad, but I guess looks were decieving . Good luck on the rebuild process. Live to race another day is what it's all about!:nice:
  20. Hooo-leeee efffing Judas' Priest on a Crutch!:eek: :eek: :eek: :jaw:

    That looks like it hurt a lot! I'm guessing you already had a prelim checkout; but go see your Doc for a real checkup - that soreness in the neck can live with you forever (don't ask me how I know).

    Ol' Cobrask8 (I still wanna call her "Cheapsnake) look like she took the worst of it, though. That 'glass nose doesn't look like it's gonna patch back together very easily (or at all). And with the motor and front suspension parting ways from the car; I'd sure be snapping measurement/alignment strings all over the place on the front clip.

    At least you're up and able to tell about it :nice: ; but do go see your Doc for a thourough checkup. Like 65mistress said, Cobrask8 can be rebuilt, but even mdjay can't get parts for 1961 model-year automotive scribes! :nonono:

    So, WTH happened? Did a tire let go? A-arm give out? Or was it just too much "Days of Thunder" in your bloodstream :p