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  1. Formulating a Plan


    Seems I'm very famous all over the Cobra internet! Some way to get notoriety.:bang: :bang: :bang:

    Sad news is it's not covered under insurance, so I have to find Money.

    Good news is a plan is already coming together, car is fixable. First to strip it, then get deep into it.

    Working on a cool body idea..........

  2. Reason for the crunch was just me totally F***ing up turn 9 at Watkins Glen. Too early a turn-in, too much speed, close guard rails.

    It's the risk when doing this.
  3. Crud... without the insurance this is gonna take even longer...
  4. Dan, I've got a R&P out of a '93 GT if you need one. Your's for shipping from OK.

  5. I have the struts as well, but I'm not sure if you use those or not. I have the front spindles as well I believe. If you'll make a list of stock parts you need, I think we can come up with most of them.
  6. Parts needed

    Rack & D/S spindle.

    Inner end is a definite!

    Rack - is it the slower 20:1?

    Many, many thanks!
  7. Larry,

    Can you get me a list of what you have?

  8. Guess we'll need to make room in the garage again for the body. Is it going back on the ceiling out out?
  9. Yup, we'll have to re-build the dolly, and hang it up.

    Tonight's job for me is to clean the basement, and get the storage area ready to hold the stripped-off parts.
  10. It should be the 16:1 rack I think. It's a stock '93 GT rack out of a 5-speed car. My chassis builder used to have some Flaming River manual racks, he can still get them for a pretty good price, probably have it direct shipped to you even.

    The car this stuff came out of smacked the right rear on a curb, then rolled over. The engine and tranny and underhood wiring and computer were out of the car along with the front seats and door panels. I sold the console, rear end, 5-speed harness. I was saving the parts for my own FFR car, but I sat in one at the Tulsa Shelby meet and I'm just "too big an 'ol boy" for one, which is why I got rid of the rear end.

    I should have the spindle. I'll have to find everything this weekend, my garage is in a sort of disarray as I'm doing a garage "make-over" to get me better organized.
  11. Larry,

    I have the 20:1 in the car, as the slower speed makes these demons easier to steer at high speed. I will see if the current rack (brand new) survived.

    Spindle is a definite, as the wheel took the impact, so I should not re-use the spindle.

    Let me know what you find & when. No rush, car isn't going anywhere.......
  12. 1. I agree wit StangDreamin.......have your MD give you a thorough head-to-toe. (with special attention to "head")
    2. That big bald guy in the middle of foto#2 looks almost like me! (but I don't remember being there.) :shrug:
    3. Give me enough advance warning for the FFR Road Trip.....mebbe we can get WORTH to join us this time too!
    4. You might get away with (occasionally) breaking the Laws of Man, but the Laws of Physics are immutable....two bodies (no matter how hard you try) CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time! i.e.: car and guard rail!

    Glad you're okay geezer!:nice:

    BTW - As for the $$$ to repair Cobrask8, Deanna really didn't want to go to college anyway!:shrug:
  13. I've got a spare pair of '65 Mustang V8 spindles with the drums still on them if that'll help?:shrug:
  14. Thanks Blue, but Cobrask8 is a Fox underneath.....
  15. THERE'S your problem!:nonono:
  16. Fox Mustang, that is...

  17. Sorry to hear about your escapades.. I actually just heard about this through the grapevine (off the net)since tonight has been the first night with internet in my new (my own house). If you need anything to track down.. let me know.
  18. Driving lessons?

  19. Looks like a hell of a hit Dan, glad you are in better shape than the car though. If you head up to factory five prior to the end of fall or not until next spring, hoepfully I'll be able to drive down in the 69'. Major bummer on the insurance, I can't believe they would let you race without it or for that matter that you would race without it. Fortunately none of that can stop you from fixing it and making it even better than before though!

    BTW, I just noticed in the pics that you did manage to intigrate a 69 shelby type hood scoop into your hood, looks good!!!
  20. I wonder if the body will attack me again when we take it down off the ceiling... :scratch: