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  1. Gawd! I'm away from work for a couple days and I come back to this!

    First off, glad to hear your alright. Even though most of will never have the opportunity to meet it would be devastating if something terrible happened to any of the members we've come to know through the magic of the internet and Stangnet. Moving on......

    The shiney side of the coin is that this will turn into a new project build thread with pictures up soon! Hooray for living vicariously through others! The other good thing is you didn't have the Halibrandt copies on the car at the time.

    Can't wait for this to start rolling!
  2. sorry about the car, but I'm glad to see that you're doing alright. Good to hear that you already have a plan to fix it too! :nice:
  3. Been waiting for those magical fairies & pixies to arrive in the middle of the night and fix it. Alas, only in Disney.....:rolleyes:

    In reality, It's parked, waiting for Deanna to see it, then we'll start working on it together, pull it apart, and see what work is involved.:)

    A possibility of a 289FIA body does exist........

  4. i like the 289 FIA bodies a lot better, but i like the grille of the 427 body better. actually i kinda like the front fenders of the 427 car more too, but the rears have always made me think of a fat chick for some reason or other.
  5. Glad to hear you're waiting on your daughter to start the tear-down......after all she DID build it.

    I can't believe she let you drive it though!
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Dan, it appears you missed.:shrug: If you need any leg work at Factory 5 I'm right around the corner. I work about 5 miles from the shop now. Let me know.

    ps. I can pick a lock in 15 seconds:D and I have a trailer:flag:
  7. I did do my fair share in that car's build, but I don't wanna drive it yet. 'Specially now that it's been deranged. The seat is set to dad's height, and doesn't adjust without unbolting it, and it's all hood when you sit in it, way different than what I see sitting in my Civic.

    I think this time I'm gonna put a speed limiter in it with a motion sensor that will tell when the car is going through turns...
  8. Maybe racing slicks next time?

    Or but a rock under the gas pedal.....
  9. ouch Dan, punked by your own daughter....
  10. I dunno Deanna, after all of your hard work building Cobrask8, then you let that senile geezer you call "Dad" drive it!:nonono:

    It's NOT like the video games Dan, as you found out this weekend, when you crash in real life, the car goes CRUNCH! You don't get to reset, and you can forget about "do-overs"!:nono:
  11. Heh, that's why my brother doesn't drive...:rolleyes:

    Perhaps I"ll go grab some Rubber Babby Buggy Bumpers!
  12. Dan I looked over the build list you gave me on the cobra and I think I found the problem, it's a bit too light in the nose, you should have put a 460 in it. I've got one if you need it:D
  13. A little piece of me dies whenever I see a lost youth's soul. I think I'll go home and watch a feel good movie like "The Deer Hunter" or something to cheer me up....
  14. Just kidding, I think early 90's civics c/w five speed are a blast to rip around in!

  15. You should have installed them BEFORE he went out to the track with it. :D

    Now I need to think of a new name for it. :bang:

    Ahhh..... BumperSk8.......:rlaugh:
  16. Chepsquash?


    If Cheapie's (the '69 vert) new owner checks into this page - and shows her this page - she's gonna be soooooooo glad she's now living in Michigan!

    Sorry, Dan, I just had to :stick:
  17. Minnesota is her home now.

    How would this body look on "Crunchsk8", without the hardtop? Can you say "FIA"????




    You guys are the first to publically see these pics...

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  18. Have you thought about taking the back half of Crunchskate and making a matching trailer for it's new descendant?

    Edit: I guess it would make the towing bill a little steeper on your way home on Sundays..
  19. i like that. you should get the top too, then use that heater i found for you. BTW, i found one of the dash grilles in the back of the jeep the other day you want me to send it to you?