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  1. I dunno, I kinda like the top. I'd get a different decklid for it and attach it to the top as it looks like the back window is a hatch. but I agree with KK, make a trailer out of the body you have now. Could use it to haul stuff to the track and not be a trailer queen :stick:
  2. That body looks awesome! And I must agree with Larry and KK about both the top and the trailer idea. Although krash does have a point:

    Just remember from Larry's sig line:
  3. Can you hinge the hardtop? Sorta like the canopy on a fighter jet?:scratch:

    LIKE the trailer idea too!:nice:

    btw......LOVE the color!:nice::nice:
  4. I'm a little late to the thread, but I wanted to say I am glad you came through OK Dan.

    It does suck about the car though. I will tell you what the 2MFF crew says anytime one of us has an "off":

    "When you play on the edge of the envelope, sometimes you get licked!"

    I'm sure the two of you will give her the TLC she needs and you'll be back on the road in due time
  5. Rats! FIA body temporarily unavailable.

    But, I have a line on another like mine, so work continues.
  6. Or you get.............

  7. Can you stamp a licker?
  8. I'd prefer someone lick the stamper!:D
  9. Did somebody say liquor?
  10. Make mine a Morgan and Coke please:D
  11. I'm late as well but glad you're ok and up in spirits...

    Hey, at least you have an excuse! You were racing. When I smacked the tree, I just lost it on a city street with a bit too much over steer :)

    Hope you get it fixed quick...
  12. Whew, ouch that looks painful. Glad your dad's ok.

  13. When was this? Good thing it wasn't when we went out in it!:nice:

    To all, car will be rebuilt with some improvements. Had a good friend over last night who will help, his estimation is no problem to repair the suspension mounts, main chassis is OK, I have lined up another body, all else bolt-on stuff.
  14. Early last year. I smushed the rh quarter. I swapped it out and had it on the road within a month.:bang: The original oversteer went like business as usual, but it bit down and swung the other way violently so there was no way to counter and it just spun.

    I'm running DOT road race slicks now and the car is way easier to control. Did the tcp rear coilover too and there's no more wheel hop:nice:

    Glad to hear yours is not structural:nono:
  15. ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT FORGET to tighten the nut behind the wheel!;):D:nice:
  16. THAT nut is badly stripped.......
  17. So you're saying you drive naked :rlaugh:
  18. :doh:Thanx, that was a mental image I could have done without!:puke:
  19. Just topless.........:rlaugh: