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  1. I still didn't need that mental image......:nonono:

    btw - you wouldn't let Deanna drive topless, so why set a bad example for her?
  2. DAMN! No wonder you missed the turn on 9!

    btw - that pic rightfully belongs on TOM B's thread about SN Member Drop........
  3. But I remember one of those "Hooter's Girls" saying you always drove around in a mohair sweater :scratch:

    Oh, was that you in that thread about funky 350Z add-on parts? :D

    Dude, if FFR's come with that(a real, live version of Chelle's avatar) as optional equipment, the horses are gone, as well as the Cougar, my F150, all the radio gear, the guns.... I'm gonna get one for my DD! :nice:

    Oh wait, maybe not. No, honey, I was only joking! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! :flame: :uzi: :chair:
  4. I think your wife might let you have one, as long as she can get the Chippendale's version..............:p
  5. DAYUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Didn't know Cobras came with air bags!:nice:
  7. and curves, curves, curves........
  8. YOU DUMB ASS!:fuss:

    See WTF you're missing out on 'cause you JUST HAD TO RACE your Cobra.
    Girls like that won't sit in a wreck.............. :nonono:

    Oooops, then again, they won't sit NEXT to one either, so I guess you'd be missing out anyway, sorry, my bad! :nice:
  9. Um, well......

    Next year?
  10. Meanwhile, the rebuilding process has started, the car is almost ready to go topless.

    (I remember another topless thread a ways back.....)
  11. Hey, anyone know why Deanna is looking for a governor to fit a Ford?
  12. What she really needs is a Governess for her Dad!:lol:

  13. :nice:
  14. I may be wrong, but I don't think Fritz was talking about the car.......

    And, knowing Deanna, it'll be some 78-yr-old widow that eats lemons all day......

    Which is probably good. Otherwise Jay would have to take the call from sales so that he (in his best "Customer Service Voice") could explain to Cheapie that MD only sells replacement Stang parts; not replacement Stanger parts. :rlaugh:

    Let's be honest, buddy. I'm a beat-up, wrinkled old guy with too many miles on rough roads; and it shows. You've got a year on me, and your rough roads get salted every year. The average nubile young sweetie ain't gonna notice the roller 347 under the hood if the the body panels are mixed colors of primer, bondo and rust! :nonono:

    I absolutely don't envy you (or Fritz) on your being single!

    And that's why I now have a Project XR7:
    (The two words with which I end most conversations with Sue) :p
  15. If Deanna had her way, I'd be sealed in an airtight room with no escape, no dating, no nothing, except to do her bidding, cleaning, cooking, and maintenance on HER car. :lol:

    (wait, I get a two month reprieve until she gets her license, then I'll be put away.......)
  16. Neither do I!!!
  17. Ditto!