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  1. Latest Ditto Update -

    I'm ready to pull her "clothes" off.... I'll get pics!
  2. Man, we gotta fix Cheapie up with a woman!

    Like some "slightly more mature" Danica-type; that maybe moonlights at Hooters for tips! :D

    Of course, that will have to wait until after he finishes fixing the damage to Deanna's (he only thinks it's his) FFR. :rlaugh:

    EDIT: Hey, maybe this hypothetical "Honey" for Dan would have an equally hot mature sister that likes big FUZZY guys in Fire Trucks! :D Then I wouldn't be the only one of us mid-40's married Gutter-Crawlers! :nice:
  3. we need to fix me up with the teacher from the last overhaulin', the one with the 65 mailbu. oh yeah...she was a little hottie, have to get the wife involved too though :D
  4. Good news Dan, I found the spindles.
  5. Now, send the spindles to the 'Hoties", so I can double my fun!

    Stripping party set up! :rolleyes: