COBRASK8'S first track day Friday

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  1. To Pocono, I'll see how it runs!

    Bets on if the motor lasts, or any other maladies?

    I'll post pics!
  2. I am excited to see how this turns out
  3. Do they know you are coming? Have they padded the guardrails? Inquiring minds and BIG BLUE FUZZYs want to know!:D

    Have fun Dan, be sure to take plenty o'pics!:nice:
  4. What does Turn 9 look like at Poconos?

    Just checking......
  5. I heard that they're testing out a new safety device out at the Poconos, the new and improved Nerf guardrail in turn 9 for a little gray cobra driven by a wild eyed maniac writer. :D

    Good luck, have fun, be safe.
  6. Have not experienced Pocono but the old girl has visited 11 others, including a win at Daytona.

  7. I'm happy to report the Cobra has lost none of it's track prowess, maybe improved a little with the new slicks & wider rims.

    Right off the trailer it was fast. Scary fast. It took the driver (me) a full session to get comfortable with the car again, and another two sessions to get back to really carving the corners, one hard shot of brake, and hammering it out. The car didn't miss a beat, and I ran it clean out of gas by mid-afternoon.

    I'm happy to report there seems to be no permanent effects from the wreck, and now for more fun at longer tracks with turn 9's in them!

    I'll get some pics up ASAP.
  8. Allllllll riii-ii-iii-ight! :nice: Cheapie's back in the saddle! :hail2:
  9. Now we just gotta find Dan a set of rubber baby buggy bumpers!;):D

    never could quite figure whether they are rubber bumpers for baby buggies, or rubber babies for buggy bumpers.........:scratch:
  10. Congratulations! I know it feels good to get back in the driver's seat.

    You mentioned slicks in the back, are you running bias ply tires? When I have some cash I'd like to do this type of racing, but it's far more costly than going in a straight line.

    Best of luck. Let me know if you make it towards the Philadelphia area this summer. I'd like to check it out.
  11. Proof nothing......all I see are a photo of Cobrask8 (or a clever mock-up) parked in your driveway, a photo of you next to the nose of a gray Cobra-look-a-like with the alleged striping theme you like and two blurry, indistinct photos of a gray cobra-look-a-like on the track, one of which looks like the cobra-look-a-like is getting spanked by a Honda!:eek:

    Therefore in my Blue Fuzzy logic, those photos are NOT definative proof that you ran the rebuilt Cobrask8 (if indeed it HAS been rebuilt) at the Poconos track.:nonono:

    Better luck next time Dan ( if Dan IS your real name!):D
  12. Yeah, the "graphics package" looks suspiciously like a photochop - either that or it's just the crappy 14" display on this (company) laptop!
    Now see, if the Honda were black, it would add creedence to Dan's story.

    Because a black Honda could mean that Dan was "getting spanked" (just a term, I don't mean it literally) by Deanna! :rlaugh:
  13. That's awesome!!
  14. Except I think it's Dan's new lady love who's doing all the spanking!:D

    [shudder]I just gave myself a mental image I could've lived w/o.......Dan, his new lady and leather.........lot and lots of leather!:eek:[/shudder]
  15. Hey! You're slipping into Mrs StDr's territory now!

    Cheapie, you DID take Miss Lisa to the track with you, right?
  17. Wise old Fuzzy has words of wisdom for Daniel.............................:hail2:

    NEVER list a member of your pit crew as the beneficiary on your life insurance policy!:nono:
  18. Way to get back in the sadle Dan!