COBRASK8'S first track day Friday

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  1. Hope it was fun, been a while but you got the car done right in time.
  2. Are you refering to Cobrask8 or Miss Lisa?
  3. That's a funny name for a guy?:scratch:
  4. Cobrask8 is the name of Danny-boy's car and Lisa is the name of Danny-boy's latest paramour.:nono:

    I think Pak spent too much time living in Tejas!:nonono:
  5. I think as usual I need to speak slower or draw you a picture and I'm not the one in the closet big boy.:D

    So Miss Lisa is a girl, I see now. How am I supposed to know, every time Dan chimes in he asks about my car, I reply and then I never here from again. Heck, for all I know Deanna is married and has kids by now.
  6. Could you please type a little slower, I can't read that fast!:nono:
  7. Y-O-U G-O-T I-T B-U-D-D-Y!
  8. T-H-A-T-'-S B-E-T-T-E-R! N-O-W C-O-U-L-D Y-O-U P-L-E-A-S-E T-R-Y A L-I-T-T-L-E L-O-U-D-E-R ? ? ? :D :hail2:
  9. Gawd, Let's get the facts straight here....

    First off, this is MY Deanna, she's broke, drives a Honda, and better NOT be pregnant! (seen here with the big blue one)

    View attachment 385787

    Scond of all, here are two more pics from the track, courtesy of the host group, C.A.R.T.



    And last, this is Miss Lisa...

    View attachment 385790

    Now, got it all straight now?

    Sheesh! Next thing you know, we'll be amoking back on Cape Cod again.......
  10. Cart20075.jpg

    I don't know about anyone else but since it looks like this Cobra just knocked over 2 cones and heading towards a third, I'm tending to believe it's really Cobrask8.
  11. Pakrat for the WIN :nice: :owned:
  12. Ya, but he missed the guardrail!:fuss:

    BTW......for all who may care........BIG BLUE ain't quite as BIG as he was in the and exercise, I've dropped 30#!:nice:

    Don't worry Pak I'm still B.F.U.:p
  13. Are you still that short? I mean honestly, how tall can Deanna be and she's TOWERING over you :D
  14. Aww c'mon, now! Just because Fritz' belt buckle is even with Dee's kneecaps! BTW, Cheapie; every time I see that pic; I'm reminded about how much trouble you're gonna be facing when she decides that not all guys are dorks.... Been there, done that, doing all over again a second time :nonono:

    View attachment 385750

    Hey, why do you have your hands over your eyes as you wipe out all the cones going through that turn? :p
    Kinda dark photo, but DAY-UM, Dan! :drool: :nice:
  15. In actuality, I'm not short at all, I'm really 6'3"'s just that Deanna is exceptionally tall for a 15 y/o girl. We've been trying to get the WNBA scouts out to see her, but no luck yet.:shrug:

    StDr. - Dan covered his eyes as a reflex when he saw the guardrail flash by.......It's obvious that the Watkins Glen crash traumatized him more than he let on!:nonono:
    And of course that foto of Lisa is a little dark, it's the only reason she's stuck around, she hasn't seen Dan in full light yet!:lol:
  16. Hey Dan! Speed Racer called.....He wants his helmet back!
  17. And don't forget to bring us lot's of candy when you do!

  18. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    Please guys, don't make em laugh so hard! I'm beginning to think I have a bladder control problem!:lol:
  19. Hey, is it just me, or does that kid look suspiciously like a football!
  20. Yes, but where is the other monkey?:scratch: