COBRASK8'S first track day Friday

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  1. Hey Pak,

    Are you insinuating that Dan has a young boy and a rare, endangered species stashed in the trunk of Cobrask8? Call the authourities and initiate an AMBER ALERT!

    Edit: WHEW! On closer inspection that appears to be a piture of Michael Jackson's car.
  2. And to think when he said he was a "Ped - o - file" I thought it was some new racing car-guy term, only to find out he meant "p - e - d - o - p - h - i - l - e":doh:
  3. Haha, I've lurked back in once more for a rare appearance!

    That is a horrible... horrible picture... :doh: I was 16 1/2 in that picture, and wow, it's just crap. I'm 17 now, but not too much taller. I'm only 5 foot 6 or so. I'll have to dig up a more recent picture. Dad did just take one of me with the Cobra so I'll bug him for it.

    If you look at the picture you'll see there's a 9 painted on the front spoiler with the 'no' sign painted over it. I did that, and when it came back from the track it was riddled with rocks and crap... It's his good luck charm.

    I wore his old helmet that looks almost exactly like that one for Halloween last year. No one knew who I was... :bang: :nonono:

    My Civic is finally coming to its end. It just passed 344k miles on the original stock engine and has started to leak oil. BUT in the fall I get my grandfather's 1998 Ford ZX2 which has a plain body but underneath has the racing engine. :nice: Still no 'Stang of my own...

    Miss me? :D
  4. Yeah I think Dan is in the clear........this time. He didn't seem to be wearing his usual "I'm just strolling thru the park after school rain coat" so we'd be hard pressed to prove it.:rolleyes:

    Oh yeah, of course we miss you Deanna.:D
  5. I dunno, tough call with the license plate blurred out like that!:shrug:
    I take it the picture was just crap because you were only 16 1/2, or is there a problem with the rest of the composition?:shrug:
  6. 344k miles :eek:

    I hope mine lasts that long. It's at 113k now, and I only paid $300 for it! Got it with a blown head gasket, and have since replaced the timing belt and water pump.
  7. Nah, I just look really bad in that picture. There's nothing wrong with it, or you, at all Uncle BBFCM.

    I bought this one for $100 from our neighbors. It needs a new front axel, a timing belt, and a few other minor things. But, I'll only have it until September or so, and as long as the engine doesn't die Dad and I are going to just let these things go.
  8. :scratch:
    are you sure you're in the right place?

    If this thread is dying it's 'cause chepsk8 is in the Land of the Rising Sun........'fraid THAT rumor is true. El Cheap-O is going El Rice-O on us......says it's for work, but we all know the truth!:nonono:

    'tis a sad day in Stangland!:(
  9. Don't worry, I know where the power tools are!!! :D
  10. Now see, Dan leaves for a few days and you start moving my posts around on me. :nono:

    I have no excuse.
  11. Now see, back in the days of the "Custom Titles", that could have been your most inopportune statement ever; and memorialized every time you posted something. And neither Fritz nor I would have had anything to do with it! ('Cause we're not Moderators)

    Ya just gotta watch out for what you say around here! :p

    Hey, Dee; that's not really a bad pic of you next to the short squatty guy :nice: I was telling the Cheap One that he's gonna be in trouble when you finally decide boys aren't all dorks. And yes, we missed you..... it's fun to see chepsk8 "stutter" on the keyboard :lol:
  12. Now THAT'S scary!:eek:
  13. The guys in my school are all jocks or just plain idiots... :nonono: I have two friends who are car people like me. Otherwise they guys are jocks, preps, or just wack... Our school is pretty clique filled, unfortunatly...
  14. ALL High Schools are like that. :shrug:

    It could be worse. You could have come from a little "church school" where your 8th grade graduating class was 32 kids; into a public HS where the Freshman class was 402 kids. :eek:
  15. Wow, that's tiny... My class is somewhere around 870+. At any given time there are 3000 people in my school, it's crowded and growing every year.
  16. Dee, at the risk of being :flame: or :chair: by StDr, your Dad and the other guys here I'mm going to let you in on a little secret.........
    From puberty 'til death ALL males are a little whack! The two legged self propelling estrogen dispensor does it to us!:shrug:
  17. I won't go against you on that one, but c'mon... Pink Polo shirts?! :nonono: I should have signed up for auto tech at CIT like dad said...
  18. Real Fuzzies can wear pink!

    Anybody dares laugh gets stomped like a grape! Or a Gutter Peanut.
  19. You don't wear pink shirts, 'pop' the collar, and walk around wearing shorts that get mistaken by the teachers for boxers, do you Uncle BBFCM?
  20. Only 'cause I don't own the garments you have described.