COBRASK8'S first track day Friday

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  1. Arf... Please, don't. :nonono: You're way better than those preps and jocks.No need to stoop to their level.
  3. Haha. Remind me, if I get lazy and don't in the next few days, to scan in a sketch I did of you, me, and some punk with a ricer.
  4. You gotta remember; this (my HS graduation) was 27 years ago! Now there are 3 timesas many High Schools in our District; and Cowgirl Tink's Grad class (2004; but the same High School) was only something like 610.
    No, but I have TWO PRCA-sanctioned PINK long-sleeved Western shirts carrying the "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" breast cancer awareness logo. PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association; rodeo's answer to NASCAR or the NFL) started TETWP program when the both wife of one Association Director and the sister of a Major Corporate Sponsor rep died of breast cancer a few years back. I can't remember the Nextel Cup driver who carried the colors in a few races last year; and finally the NFL was shamed into hanging pink ribbons on jerseys for a few games. Every Saturday night of the National Finals Rodeo ("Super Bowl" with lots bigger, four-legged defenders (horses and bulls) and a lot less padding for the offensive teams (cowboys) :p ) the (human) contestants ride in PINK full western shirts; to get people's attention. To paraphrase an adult-beverage vendor's ad from a few years back: "The average NFL linebacker goes into the game wearing a helmet and 20-30 pounds of protective padding. A PRCA bull-rider wears a cowboy hat, a vest and a leather glove"

    Your male(?) classmates may wear pink polo shirts to school; but if they don't risk getting them a little dirty while falling off a half-ton bucking horse or a nearly 1 ton Brahma-cross bull (aka "2000 lbs of pi$$ed-off hamburger"), they're just posers. :D
  5. Some girl that used to be attached at my hip liked me in Pink and thus bought it for me....

    I have 3 pink polo shirts. Then again, I have 20 or so polo shirts I wear regularly.

    I'm no prep, certainly not a jock. My name contains the name of my primary hobby, and I'm a self proclaimed dork. I'm a loner though, so I wear what I like. Tomorrow there's just as good of a chance that I wear a Mustang shirt and some beat up jeans as there is i wear a set of Tommy Hilfiger khaki's and a pink polo shirt.
  6. Oh please! What the hell is SO tough about falling off a bull?:nonono:

    It's not the fall, it's the impact with the ground, the hooves, the horns, the ground, the horns, the hooves, the horns, the ground, the hooves, the ground, the horns, the hooves, the ground...............................................;)
  7. It's not just falling off bulls that hurts! Chance (Tink's horse) has finally given up trying to buck me off when I climb on his saddle, 'cause he knows he can't :D
    That's mostly because I've been bucked off horses in the past; and I know from personal experience that the pounding of the saddle on my butt doesn't hurt 1/4 as much as the pounding of the ground on my back! :eek:
  8. and that's no BULL!

    :rlaugh:sorry, couldn't resist!
  9. Wearing pink as in the Breast Cancer Awareness is 100% all good and dandy in my book. It's for a really important cause and one many of us can relate to. It's just when the jocks and the preps in my school wear pink because they think it's cool and that it makes them 'popular' or 'cool' it bugs me. But, I know I'm better than they'll ever be and jeans and Mustang shirts beat their pinkness any day.

    I haven't ridden Turbo, (My Aunts horse) in a long time... I've never been thrown by any horses I've ridden here or on the West coast in Nevada but I did almost fall off one when I had that whole bad experience with the 118 degree day in Nevada's desert ride.
  10. That's just because you never got to experience the ride atop a very serious roping horse. Some of those guys are "professionals" complete with the attitude. If they think you're horsemanship skills are "beneath them" or that you're acting too cocky while on their backs; you find yourself "learning to fly the hard way". Other's, including (or is it "especially") Tink's horse have some other additudinal issues; in Chance's case; he for some reason (probably some past experience) he just doesn't like men. Actually, he doesn't like most anybody except Tink and her little brother Matt; although he's starting to warm up to Mrs StDr, and he's learned (the hard way) to grudgingly accept my presence on his saddle.

    If you spend enough time around them, you'll find horses are almost more perceptive than dogs; and will react accordingly to the humans with whom they interact. Most people don't realize that fact; and end up having bad experiences because of it.
  11. Last time I went riding the horse I was on kept trying to scrape me off on the nearest tree..............:shrug: