Code 181

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  1. Well, its been a while, but I'm back with a problem, lol. Pulled a code 181 after the Check Engine Light popped on and off. Anyone have any quick checks or things to replace first? From what I have found so far, it shows a lean condition. Maybe changing out the fuel filter would be the easiest quickest thing to tryout first. Anyone agree?

    Thanks in advance as always.
  2. Your fuel filter would have to be pretty nasty for it to be the cause. More likely, you have a vacuum leak somehwere, or one or more of your pre-cat 02 sensors is going bad.
  3. I cleaned the maf sensor and cleared the code.
    A secondary problem I had about a month ago was my air filter was saturated with oil. I thought I had it fixed by changing the pcv valve, but today I noticed there was still some oil in the air intake tube and at the throttle body. I guess it could be residual oil left in the air intake tube just flying up as air flows through. I currently have a K&N air filter and it doesn't appear to be soaked.
  4. Theres your problem. Replace the K&N with a paper filter.
  5. no codes since :)
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  6. You should have seen a 2 digit code?