codes 181 and 189, 95 gt.

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  1. Hey everyone.....i posted about a hesitation and c.e.l problem a few days ago, well i had my codes pulled, and it first came up with a 181 and 189, then we cleared the codes and went for a ride to trip the cel.
    then it just said the 189.
    ive herd both o2s dont go out together hardly ever so do any of you have other ideas. i will replace my fuel filter and clean my maf. any other ideas?
  2. no one has any other ideas? yet me know if anyone has ideas or if this happend to you. thanks
  3. See what the spark plugs look like on both side. My guess is they will be slightly black. Pull at least 2 plugs from both sides. Stay away from the ones in the back; They are a pain. But pull any 2 from each side; whichever you feel easier to remove.

    Adaptive fuel limit usually means that the computer tried to remove more and more fuel to compensate for a rich condition, but could not go any further.

    Either 1 of 2 cases.

    #1 - Both of your O2 sensors are shot and need to be replaced.

    #2 - Another sensor is adding too much fuel to the system. Try cleaning the MAF; It might have some affect.

    You should test the ECT and IAT sensors also. They might be your culprit. Also, cleaning the MAF might not fix the problem. It may need replacing.

    Follow the test procedures in the Haynes manual for all of the main sensors (MAF/ECT/IAT) and see what you get.
  4. maybe you have a bad injector that doesn't shut off completely? or maybe the maf is dirty and reporting more air than there really is so the computer is adding more fuel than necessary? do you have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator? maybe it is set too high?
  5. Both O2 sensors are registering too much fuel. For an injector to be at fault, 2 of them would have to be bad. It certainly is possible, but highly unlikely.

    Your FPR or fuel pump could be at fault. After you run checks on the main sensors, check your fuel pressure at idle w/ vacuum and at idle w/o vacuum. It might reveal a problem.