Coffin Muffler

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  1. How do they sound, reading the description makes me think it sounds like a kawasaki or something. Did I read it wrong, or...?
  2. Definitely go listen to the clips on the coffin muffler. While I, at first, had been skeptical of the thought of a car muffler sounding like a "Superbike with pipes", I'm now sold. Based on the clips, this muffler gives the car a deep, aggressive, take-no-prisoners type of sound.
  3. I am with you on that one. I was a little afraid of what they sound like due to the description. but once I heard the clips, I realized I must get them....somehow
  4. Coffin Muffler on V6

    Hi guys

    I've been lurking for quite some time and figured I'd pop in and say hello... I'm the resident geek who helped Kevin C. get those pics and sounds up of the new Coffin Muffler by Newberry.

    Kev is sending out a pre-production muffler for me to test on my '05 redfire V6 'Stang ("The Defiant"), and I will of course be posting a brief review and will likely add some more pictures, sound and possibly even some video of this cool new bolt on in action.

    BTW, anyone who ever needs Ford parts should go directly through Kevin and save themselves a big headache in advance. He's a fountain of car knowledge and a really nice guy to boot! :nice: