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  1. well bros i've had a 1990 gt, with lots of mods including a Granatelli front coil over kit, and 17 cobra wheels. the springs that came with the kit are 10 inch 300lb springs. i love the handling but the stance is a bit too high fro me, even at the lowes range on the kit. I do not have the caster/camber plates. do you guys think if i change to the grantelli 8 INCH springs i can change the stance look? and would i need caster/camber plates?

    the fornt tire/wheelwell has a 4 inch gap and my rears have a 2 inch gap, mind you the rear is all stock, with exeption to copm engeneering 3 way adjustable shocks...
  2. not related but..

    how do you like those granatelli coil overs?? how low is your stang? would you have the same problem with other coil-overs not lowering the car enough? thanks.
  3. Sounds to me that your spring rate is to high and the spring isn't compressing any.... I would think 300 is a little high.... I would look into a lower rate spring and 10" is pretty short..
  4. First off you should purchase some Metal CC Plates. The stock units do not locate the strut at all. vertically or laterally. MM or J&M plates work great.

    For the springs, yes you can use a shorter length unit to lower down the car. one of the advantages of the coilover springs is you can get them from about anyone and they are under $100 for the pair. All you have to know is the diameter, spring length and rate.
  5. matt90gt

    i would assume by stating the gap of well to tire the stance is givem sorry i got no pics..
    MATT90GT tks, i think i 've got 2.5 diameter by 10 inch and rate is 300lb, i was thinking with an 8 inch spring..

    and as for Perky i think your statement woul dbe true if i had stock spring set up for the front, 10inch would be short, but in a coilover for lowering purposes its not, my set up used to be 14 inch springs on coilovers with 100 lbs springs, i had a great launch for drag, but i'm more into lowering adjustability and handling....
    tks bros
  6. ok, here's the stance, a pic if you must..tks guys..
    also i just posted a question about a upr quadrant i'm having some issues with, tks..
  7. Ok on my second stang, a convertible 92 this time, I'm lookin gto do the same granatelly coilover set up BUT...this time i want to go with the 8inch long 2.5" diameter 300lb linear spring rate. I called granatelli over and they said their springs are 12 inch long? what! i ordered mine almost 2 yrs ago for the car that started this thread, and it was a 10 inch spring i got... either way the techs there say they have no idea as to the stance this set up will give you with a 12", 10" 0R 8" SPRING, TKS FOR NOTHING GRANTELLI!!!!