Engine Coil Pack Question?

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  1. Hey everyone! I am a newb and this is my first post, so please bare with me if I start babbling.

    Last spring I picked up a 2001 Crown Vic from a local police auction for $900 w only 45k on it. Now I was going to fix up the Vic so it could run w the ponies, but after thinking about it. Why should i put all this money into it just to run w em when I could build my own Mustang n lead the herd.

    After a few months of looking around for a mustang, found a guy that was selling a '96 GT that he blew the head gasket in. Now I already had a low mile 4.6 sitting in the yard and now I found a straight 5 spd GT that needed a new heart. And for $500 I couldn't loss.

    So the previous owner is dropping it off tomorrow and I'm anxious to start pulling the Mustang apart and getting it ready for the Crown Vic engine. I know about most of the stuff that goes into the swap, intake plenium, valve covers, accessory drive, among other things, I've been resourcing it for awhile.

    Now here's my question?
    The Crown Vic 4.6 has the PI package on it with the individual coils on it and the GT 4.6 is a NPI with the two coil packs. What, if anything, do I need to have this swap go as easy as possible? Is this just a simple plug-n-play or am I going to need to come the two coil packs and swap everything over to the PI engine? Any help on this would help out alot. I'm in NE Montana and its starting to get cold so I'd like to get this swap done ASAP. Thanks
  2. The key to the swap is to retain the electronics of the 96. When I did my Crown Vic to Mustang swap, I had both motors on engine stands as the CV motor was undressed and then the Mustang specific "stuff" was transferred.

    Take TONS of pictures.

    Swap the electronics (wiring harness and ignition). Swap the fuel injectors and induction. Swap the oil pan. Swap the oil dip stick. Swap the exhaust manifolds. Swap the EGR system.

    Keep the CV PI intake.

    It's mostly straight forward except how to deal with the two temperature sensors on the 96. There are 3 options. Move the dash sensor. Do not move the ECT from direct contact with the coolant.
    1. Drill and tap the coolant crossover.
    2. extend the dash sensor to the block freeze plug drain. Remove the cap and put the sensor in it's place.
    3. extent the dash sensor to the knock sensor boss in the head under the manifold.
    Recommend getting a heater return hard line from a 2001 GT Mustang. Also get new O-rings for the the water pump return nipple.
    Strongly suggest getting new Mustang motor mounts. There will never be an easier time to install.
    If interested in converting to COP's, consider a plug and play harness such as:
    Consider having the fuel injectors cleaned and flow tested. Check out injectorrx.com.
    When going from automatic to manual, a new pilot bearing is needed. Consider having the flywheel resurfaced while everything is apart. A new clutch is a great idea as well.
    Good luck.
    The 2001+ have a different sized PVC line. Not hard to overcome.
  3. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to having the COPs? Or would I get the same performance out of the EDIS coils?
  4. The advantages that I can think of:
    • Neater engine bay.
    • No spark plug wires.
    • No coil packs to get in the way of belt routing. Possible to use 2001+ belt and tensioner (will need an additional idler pulley).
    The performance will be the same because the PCM and coil driver electronics are the same.