Coil Wire Always Live?

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  1. Working on re-wiring my 89 mustang with an ez wire 21 kit.. (Not Ez btw) I'm working on the coil part. As per my haynes manual the positive wire for the coil comes from the ignition switch. Now is this wire always live? Cause according to my old wiring harness it comes from fuse #18 runs up to the ignition switch block, and then to the gauge cluster and looks like out to the coil. Now other then the solenoid starter wire, no other wires are hot coming from there during cranking. Its a red/green wire that is also linked to what looks like maybe a brown and yellow wire.. (it so old its hard to tell.) Thanks in advance.
  2. The +coil wire should only be hot while the key is forward and during cranking. With the key off and removed it should stop the power going to the coil. If not, you may find yourself with the engine trying to run on.