Coilovers And Stock Struts/shocks

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  1. Just wondering if you can use stock struts and shocks with coilovers, they usually say works best with (insert brand) struts?
  2. You can, if you keep the spring rates really low, like 175.
  3. It mainly has to do with the diameter of the shocks and struts. At UPR, the coilovers which work with the stock shocks and struts are the ones listed for Lakewood shocks & struts.
  4. As MFE said but why would you want to? A good set of shocks and you will be able to run a higher rate spring. The car will ride so much better.
  5. So, if it mainly has to do with the diameter of the strut, then spring rate must be only a minor concern. Huh. Interesting. I'll sell my Koni's so I can buy stock units to put under my 425-lb coilovers and pocket the difference! I learn something new from UPR every time they post.
  6. You are so smug MFE. I've been working on 5.0s for literally 27 years, and you STILL talk to me like I'm a noob. It would be like if I saw a post from someone asking which gear is best for use in their stock 8.8" while drag racing their stock 92 LX and I came in like "WTF? Your car is JUNK! My Strange Sheetmetal 9" is worth more than your whole POS car!!!" Well, I don't do that. You know why? Because that's condescending.

    Allow me to elaborate on my original point:

    I don't think Auburn1111 is looking to buy a set of MOTONs for his 92 LX. The vibe I got was that he's looking for an inexpensive way to install adjustable springs on his existing setup. I threw in some info for him. If you don't like my answer, ignore it. But don't cyber bully me. That's tacky.
  7. I'm not cyberbullying you, and it's not a matter of "liking" your answer. I'm trying to prevent your post from misleading anybody into believing that coilover application "mostly has to do with the diameter of the struts and shocks". Because I'm not fond of you in particular and because I despise the company you keep, I chose to be sarcastic about it. Don't like it? Well then, what was that you said? Ignore it? Yeah. There you go. Stick to selling watches out of your coat.
  8. That is an ugly thing to say. I abhor ugliness. Are you saying we're not friends? You know MFE... if I thought you weren't my friend, I just don't think I could bear it.
  9. Sharad, could you elaborate on how in choosing the proper coilover , "It mainly has to do with the diameter of the shocks and struts." Much appreciated.
  10. Part compatibility. If I was smug like MFE, I'd say he needs badass double adjustable coilovers like the Chassisworks Quickset2 setup I'm running on my street/strip car. But I'm not smug, and I perceived that the OP is looking for a way to install a coilover conversion on his stock dampeners. Mainly because he said "Just wondering if you can use stock struts and shocks with coilovers".
  11. I made no recommendation, and I didn't try to read his mind. I simply and accurately answered his queestion. More importantly I didn't use a bad tech answer as an opportunity to sell parts. You should check into that concept.

    Ps You seem to see the world through a very butthurt lens, causing you to read what's never been written. Maybe a therapist is in order.
  12. Yes, hello, Pot? This is Kettle. Just wondering if you could show me where I tried to sell parts. Seems that you read what's never been written.

    And I already have four therapists. Here are two of them:

    K. Thanks. Bye.
  13. OK.

    Which is crap tech, because although there are basic strut sizes, there's a hell of a lot more to it. But PAH! Forget all that, because

    You haven't lost any density, that's for sure.

    The important thing is, your tech answer sucked, and you're butthurt about being called on it, because deep down it embarasses you to be seen in public working for guido douchebags.

    ANYway...yes, you can use coilovers on stock struts, but they have to be soft springs.
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  14. Maybe I am just getting old. Or, through enough trail and error, I have come to my own conclusion that unless the car is a weekend car or track car, just go with a nice set of regular springs and shocks/struts. But, since we are on the topic...

    I got what you meant Sharad. However, your first answer, MFE, was a little more on the vague side.

    Maybe I can try to elaborate a little?

    The reasons the coil over conversion kits are made to be specific to a certain brand shock/strut is that the threaded tube that holds the new spring perch/adjusting nut is made to fit exactly over said shock/strut. If the tube is even the slightest bit bigger, it will make all kinds of noise and cause damage. You need to make sure you get the right diameter tubed paired up with the right diameter shock/strut so that you have a nice tight, snug fit..

    Spring rate has nothing to to with the fitment of these conversion kits. However, one key benefit to having coil overs or a coil over conversion kit is that you can custom set your suspension how YOU want it. For example, adjustable shocks/struts, pre determined shock/strut rates, multiple spring lengths and spring rates available. You can set up your ride how YOU want.

    The conversion kits are nice because they are cheaper and you can adjust them just like "real" coil overs

    Hope my answer helped. I wasn't trying to choose sides, I just think that people were getting confused.
  15. Sounds like a lot angst going on in the posts from you MFE. I'm not one to start a fight or argue really but you have taken some personal vendetta that you have way to far here. I respect the opinion that a lot of people share around here and have lost quite a bit of respect in yours sir. Sharad is a professional and I respect his opinion. I personally have just installed UPR rear suspension in my street car and have zero issues with it for what its worth.

    Getting back on topic and ignoring all of the yammering MFE has brought to the table here, Yes coil overs can be ran with the stock struts and I personally would use a 225 lb spring and would not consider my ride quality diminished in any fashion at that point.
  16. LOL...Sharad reads things into my posts that weren't written, weren't even thought, tells me I'm smug for bringing actual tech to the table with a light slap, but I'm the angsty one. Whatever you say :D

    A 225-lb front coilover is the rough equivalent of a 900-lb conventional spring. Stock struts simply don't have the rebound valving to control that. Sure, it'll "ride fine", only because it'll never bottom out, but it's not something you should ask stock struts to do.
  17. Have fun turning left or whatever nonsense you're into. I know, don't you have another lame video of you granny shifting around some road course you could post that no one is interested in? Oh wait I guess I'm being smug now. Sorry in advance to the OP
  18. JEEZUS!!!

    ( And to think they considered banning me at one time for pis sing in Wheaties, and starting s hit):nonono:

    My simple man take on the coil over conversion kit is that it is simply that. A conversion kit. It allows you to remove the conventional, heavy ass spring, and consolidate it into a more concise package. There are recommendations that can be garnered about spring rate to help you decide which spring to use up front, but every time I ask, I always seem to get the same 175lb/14" recommendation for a V-8 powered fox. It's what I have on my "stock replacement" KYB's, It's what I "had" on my stock replacement Monroes on the previous car, and the car before that, and before that.

    Now as a foot note to the above, if your motives are more purpose driven other than street driver, you should probably consult one of the techs at the company you'd buy the strut/C/O kit from for a "professional" recommendation.
  19. I am glad you have not had any issues with your UPR rear suspension, however the discussion was about front coilovers. I respectfully disagree with your spring rate recommendation. I think that high a spring rate would lead to premature wear on the stock shocks and a way to stiff ride. There is ample evidence of posts made throughout the years on several Mustang boards as well as my personal observations of front end clunking and other noises on cars using their front coilovers. Sometimes the noise is remedied by wrapping the struts in duct tape, other times it was not solved.

    Not trying to bash anyone, just reporting what I think is factual and helpful for others.