Coilovers And Stock Struts/shocks

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  1. I can appreciate and certainly take the constructive criticism. I know personally in the past I used a 225 12" spring and leather wrapped both ends of the spring to keep it all quiet. That all worked very well for me on the street. I can also see the benefit to a light spring as well. I am currently using a 12 130 lb spring in my ttop car with travel limiters but that is getting into a whole different ball of wax.
  2. Did not mean to start a posting war, thanks for all the advice. I'm planning on coil overs up front and some adjustable rear spring perches for the rear. Ground control used to carry them anyone know who else makes them?
  3. wolfe racecraft makes some nice adjustable spring perches for the rear that you can weld in and use the smaller coilover springs. A far better setup than the coilover on shock that puts all the weight on the shock bracket when Ford never intended that. Guys have broken off the bottom brackets and left them stranded or worse.