1. Hey guys. I have an 86 coupe. I currently have the :poo:ty eBay style coilovers on the front(sleeve style) and just cut 4cyl springs on the rear. All I do with this car is drive it on weekends and on nice days. I don't go to the track. I don't take it out on curves and push it. I just cruise. So the main purpose of my car is aesthetics. I have my coilovers turned down pretty low. Well my struts are very close to bottomed out, so that if I hit any kind of bump it sounds and feels horrible. My main goal is stance. I want to be low. Very low. I can't see myself spending 1000+ on coilovers. I've found some from raceland that I think would work. Tell me what you guys think. If any of you guys have ran or know anyone that has ran these I'd love the input.


    Once again. I'm not looking for performance. But then again I don't want the shock portion to go out on me in 5k miles. Thanks in advance for he replies.
  2. Oh. My car is an 86 coupe. 302 5 spd. The deep dish bullits 18x9 and 18x 10 or 10.5. Still running tailpipes. Very small spacer In The front right now to clear spring. Any other details you need let me know.
  3. I'll bet it sounds terrible.:nonono:
    Once you run out of strut piston travel due to an excessively lowered stance that's all she wrote. It wont matter whether or not you buy a "shi tty ebay" c/o conversion, or a name branded version of the same, it's all gonna net the same ride characteristic.
    The first thing that you should probably do is determine how much remaining strut travel before total bump you currently have. Less than an inch and a half of remaining compression is gonna just result in the top of the strut hitting the bottom of the strut mount on just about every bump.
    Next, that spring should have it's rate (in lbs) silkscreened or tagged on one of the coils. The front springs should be at least 175# rated.( or more in most cases) If not, then that has to change.
    Lastly the strut itself could also be worn out and it not doing it's job to help control the bump. Most guys will just throw the C/O conversion kit on the 140k monroe-matics they currently have on front, then wonder why the package rides poorly when compared to the stock junk they took off so they could get all jiggy w/the ride height.:rolleyes:

    Double last: A lowered car at the rate you're describing also needs adjustable strut mounts, and a bumpsteer kit properly set up or you are in for an even worse ride, and rapido tire wear.

    Last after the double last:
    The strut package you pictured from Raceland is made by who? I saw nothing that stated if you lower the adjuster all the way to the bottom of the thread that you wont experience the same thing. At 599 for all 4 w/ springs, and a CC kit, you really aren't getting anything special other than stock. Now that I think of it,...it's actually way worse than stock.
    At that price, my guess would be a Made in China version of stock.

    So,.......what do you have?
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  4. I'm guessing this car is extremely low. Something i tend not to agree with, but regardless, if you are out of shock, you are out of shock. Only ways you are going to fix that is by either lowering where the shock mounts to the spindle, making the shock stick out of the strut tower higher or finding a shock with a shorter body (which i don't know if that exists).
    I doubt any coil over kit is going to change anything.

    May want to look air ride stuff, but you better get your wallet out.
    They make a shock that has an air spring built into the middle of it.
  5. Raceland IS a :poo:ty ebay conversion. What do you have for caster/camber plates, and what struts (fox vs SN95) are you running? The wrong combo of these parts will bottom out early. The right combo will buy lots of extra bump travel.
  6. so not to hijack, but whats the advantage of coilovers vs a matching spring/struts+shocks combo?
  7. Ride height adjustability. Weight reduction.
  8. It may sound like hate but my vote goes to keeping a nice static setup.... This "stance" scene fad will soon fade
  9. Plus way better ride quality for any given amount of wheel rate, or spring rate as seen at the wheel.
  10. one thing you could do to get MOAR LOW without bottoming out is to run Racecraft Spindles. I have RaceCraft 2" drop spindles on my Fox. Run those in the front and remove all three snubbers in the rear. You can go ridiculously low without your shocks and struts bottoming out.
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  11. Good information from all above. I would avoid any cheap coilovers- raceland, Ebay, etc.- as they will be as bad as what you have already. Either save up and do it right the first time, or don't do it. We are talking about your safety and the safety of others.
  12. The only problem I see with this is that they have discontinued their road race drop spindles, which based on the cracking weld/fatigue issues are the only ones that I would trust to slam through potholes and rub into curbs.
  13. I'm digging the spindles idea. I come from a mini truckin background so stance is quite important to me. I didn't know they actually made spindles for my car, they aren't anymore than the coilover setup.

    Oh and I currently have cc plates. Not sure of brand. I just thought about the cheap coilovers because it's adjustable. And extremely quick to change height. So once I go from 18s to 17s it wouldn't take anytime. And I just don't really care to cut a spring that is already meant to lower a car. I don't really know if he stance scene is going anywhere, it's been going for 10+ years. So to answer my own question nobody has ran these coilovers or knows anyone that has ran these coils on a fox.
  14. First, sorry to the OP for the Hijack...

    Second, @Sharad you have drop spindles because Shocker is #Promod! I'm still running the stock spindles on mine ;)

    In all honesty drop spindles are the best way to really get the low stance out of the front end for what you are looking to do @usaf1313 There are a few other companies other than racecraft that make drop spindles but racecrafts quality speaks for itself. As the others have said please skip the cheap ebay or raceland coil over kits!
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  15. What other companies make the spindles? I found the racecraft.
  16. I read on another forum that the guys were running sn95 versions of the spindles. What are the reasons for this?
  17. Probably so they could go 5 lug
  18. Exactly ^^^^
  19. Oh ok. My car wasn't converted to 5 lug with sn95 stuff. So I need the fox ones I guess. Thanks guys. I'll probably just buy the spindles so I can raise my coilovera back up and get some suspension travel. Maybe go with a decent coilover setbin the future.