Cold Air Intake and Mass Air Flow

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  1. Im not wanting to do a ton of mods under the hood of my 5.0, but what is a good combo for Air Intake and MAF? do you need to change injectors when you change your MAF?


  2. What other modifications are on the car? Installing a cold-air on a nearly stock car is not very benificial. The only, if any benifit, you may gain is a "louder" intake noise.

    On the MAF subject, if you upgrade, go larger, you need to either have the new MAF calibrated to the factory 19 lbs. injectors or buy a new set of injectors calibrated for the new MAF. The reason for this, is the new MAF will be telling the ECU since there is more air coming into the engine you need more fuel.
  3. No the engine is pretty stock. So what is a good MAF/injector combo to use? I'm not trying to street race or anything but I do wanna gain something out of it , thanks for your help!
  4. if youre just trying to do a few "tasteful" mods to get a few extra ponies and not break the bank go with a cold air/maf/tb combo and then maybe throw a STC 4 Bank eliminator chip to tie it all together.
  5. Sorry 24# Maf and injectors otherwise with a stock cam youll run too rich
  6. 19# injectors are good to around the 300 hp mark, and if you are not going to do much to your car, you don't need anything bigger.
    Therefore a MAF and injectors is a waste of money. To get your car over 300 hp, and NEED bigger injectors, you will have to do quite a bit to it... heads, cam, intake. If you don't plan these things, don't waste your dough.

    Get a cold air intake, and aftermarket exhaust from the headers to the tailpipes, and that will be a nice foundation for a mild car.
    Maybe spend a few bux to get some subframe connectors installed, and that will give you the solid foundation for handling mods, as well as beef up your chassis for higher horsepower in the future.
    Edit: I forgot to mention gears. For a mild vehicle, those will give you the most gain you'll feel at the seat of your pants. Sub connectors, exhaust, and gears... these are the places we all should start. Then either enjoy the car as is, or build upon that foundation.