Engine Cold Air Intake Vs. Ram Air Hood

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by mcook4076, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. I'm not looking at the car right now, but what I remember is that it says "Shelby" on it. Which I don't really like because its not a Shelby, and I don't like trying to look like something I'm not. But it will do for now.
  2. Definately go cold air kit. I recently worked on a customers 06 Gt with the shaker hood and OMG how heavy that thing was for one thing, the other thing its damn near useless for what you are looking for. Get yourself a CAI for your perfomance and the hood you like for cosmetic appearance. Posts above are correct you can achieve 20+ HP with a CAI and with a tune it will make you smile
  3. I actually went with a JLT with a BAMA tuner
  4. Nice! Great choice. I'm sure you are happy with the combo. Woke it up a lot didn't it!
  5. oh totally and the Borla ATAK axel back helps ALOT!!! I got a little confused with the tunes i had to select so picke 93 octane for all but i LOVE it!!!
  6. Awesome! Totally different car now isnt it. Glad you are happy. You made the right decision.
  7. What kind of intake is Steeda running where they say up to 38rwhp? Sounds fishy to me. As has been said before, the most functional hoods for our cars are the ones that get the heat out. We aren't carbureted, so there isn't any real measurable gain by pushing air to an area that isn't likely seeing a need for more.
    I currently have a full LT exhaust and 4.10's and love the combo. I have CMDP's, an intake, and UDP's waiting to put on. I am considering doing a dyno run with just my exhaust and gears to post what you can expect from just those. Plenty
    of threads on what a tuner & intake does or all bolt ons, not many on just exhaust.
  8. Just the one that we are currently manufacturing ... ;)