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  1. I have been looking around for a good Cold Air Intake for my 07 v6, but there are a few to choose frome ,What brand is the best and must affective ?
  2. 07ToRcH - I got one of these

    I have the Brute Force on the GT so I bought the Brute Force by AEM for my lady's v6 too.
    It was a snap to install, no filter oil so it will be easy to clean and it picked up some power too. (on both cars)

    Here are some links to check it out
    Info on the v6 kit

    I bought both kits here and got 'em shipped
  3. I am considering installing a CAI on my 2006 V6 and I have some questions.
    Do the aftermarket CAI’s cool the air only?
    Do they increase the volume of air?
    Do they do both?
    If they increase the volume of air, can the system sensors compensate for the increase?
    (I don’t want to retune the engine).
    Also, will the CAI increase noise levels from air intake?
  4. The good ones do increase the airflow, and will require a reflash. If you don't increase the airflow, you aren't really getting any gain. There are some that don't require a reflash (a tuner) but you will find that their hp gains are negligable over just putting in a good K&N cotton filter in your stock box. If you want cleaner air, and a bit more flo.... just put in a cotton/oil square filter in your stock box. If you want HP increases, buy a CAI that is big, and needs to be tuned, that is where the hp is at, cramming more air in the holes. Some people say they can tell the difference in sound when they put on a CAI, but I think it is a placebo effect to make them feel better about dropping 3 benjamins into an "air filter" If they can HEAR it, it MUST be better. :rlaugh:
    Most companies tell you if their CAI requires a reflash. But IMO buying one that doesn't require a reflash is silly cuz what have you gained if your engine doesn't even know it has been changed? C&L is my coice, but I have heard great things about the JLT.
  5. Thanks.
    Mine is a daily driver, so I'm looking for simple upgrades. I've installed a Green cotton air filer, a GT take-off muffler and Roush rear springs (to level the car). I purchased a XCal3, but have not done any tuning. I'm very satisfied so far.
  6. Everyone i've asked says the same thing. I'm saving up for a CAI and TUNE,
    How much of a drop did you get with the roush rear springs? and how much were the springs?
  7. Justin at VMP Tuning sells a intake that uses the factory "inlet" and mounts a conical filter to the end. It's worth 7 rwhp plus about the same for tuning. It's a lot cheaper than the big brands out there since it doesn't replace the "inlet". If you want something that does, he also sells those. I'd highly recommend him for the tuning whichever intake you decide to get. Justin's wife's car is a 6er that is Vortech'd and pushing out nearly 400 rwhp.
  8. My 2006 V6 is a Southern California Special. Installing the Roush springs dropped it about 5/8" in the rear. I think the common and convertible V6's are much higher in the rear so the drop may be more dramatic, but you will end up with a level car (the wheel well openings at the highest point will measure the same). You can find the Roush springs on-line for around $125 new (Part Number 401295).
  9. $125 not bad, THANKS:nice:
  10. i was the test car for the AFE unit . it used a lager diameter Maf tube to cut down on the added velocity of air. and did not require a tune.