cold air intake

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  1. today i installed true dual exhaust on my 2004 3.9 liter mustang. I put two flowmaster super 44s in my setup and ik now i need to get more air to the motor. Dos it really matter if i get a high priced brand name intake or will the ebay cai be just as good?:shrug:
  2. i bought the $40 cold air intake from ebay and it does the same exact as the name brand, but when you put the ebay set together you have to take you big baulky air intake box apart and you need the mass air flow sensor, it bolts right in the middle of the intake pipes and then you set, the only thing is the cold air will still reach into the fender just like the stock air box so i cut the elbow off so it gets air from both. can post a pic if you need.
  3. American Muscle has got one for $65. It's gotten great reviews, check it out. :nice: