Cold enough to drive? Opinions please

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  1. I'm looking for a quick answer, and hoping it's a yes.

    My fan doesn't spin right now, but it's 39 degrees out and dropping to about 29. Do you think that'll be cold enough to drive it around town in very minor stop and go traffic?

    I'm dieing to drive it right now, but don't want to get to town and then have to turn back around.
  2. No sir. Your engine will still get WAY hotter than the ambient temps outside. Keep'er in the garage till the spring. Get the fan sorted out, then enjoy the rewards of your patience.
  3. Well, it does depend on how you are driving.
    The fan doesn't do anything, even on a 100* day, after about 40 mph.
    At that point, the forward motion of the car creates more airflow that the fan.
    If you are driving stop and go, and generally slower than this, you need a fan.
  4. Yeahhhh. I'm heavy footed. I left it parked.
  5. Used to drive with my fan off all the time in the fall and winter. You still have a radiator and water pump. If you sit and idle you're still screwed. But driving, especially depending on distance isn't out of the question
  6. It was like 40 miles, mostly city. It sounds better not to chance it, I know it is good on highway. But I rarely test city since I live far from traffic lights and traffic.

    I really need to shell out the cash and get it fixed
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  7. Very much your best bet!

    You'll be happier not having the stress of worrying. Best of luck!