Color Code For Interior

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  1. Hi

    I have a Mustang II 1978 With color trim code : CT does anyone know a match for this color ? Since i have a red Dashboard i like to repaint and install. Thanks

  2. I painted my interior with Dupont vinyl paint. These are the numbers from my paint can. 44200vh. Code: 40756. Color : LT RED MED/G. Use 304s vinyl resin for low gloss. Use 305s vinyl resin for medium gloss. Use 306s vinyl resin for high gloss. Yr 1976.VOC-LE : 5.7 VOC-AP: 4.3. I used medium gloss. These numbers are from 1997 when I did my restoration. Hope this will help.

    Seat_zpshw1u9zyg.jpg Dash_zpsaojukt1b.jpg
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