[COLOR=DarkRed]what would you do with 5 Gs and a stock 5.0?[/COLOR]

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mtmonroe, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. got lucky last week...and "ran into" $5000...ive got an 88 vert - totally stock except for a full exhaust from bassani...and a bbk cold air....all of the money is going towards the car...what would you do??? thanks...oh yeah and its auto...think i might wanna change that...but lets here some other ideas!
  2. I wish i could just "run into" $5000
    To answer your question......supercharger :shrug:
  3. i replied in your other thread, why did u make 2? just wondering
  4. my bad...it was an accident...i didnt think the first one got up...thanks...
  5. I would go with an agressive cam, AFR 185 heads, RPM intake, 3.73 gears and a used blower witih about 10-12psi of boost. You can get that asortment of parts for about $42000ish. then figuring labor, your at about 4900. Then see if you can find a good used fiberglass hood.
  6. 700 dollars labor for 4200 dollars worth of parts? man id like to find your mechanic, they charge 700 labor for installing an exhaust and gears, even more