1. What color is your car?
  2. Bimini Blue

  3. Pollen Yellow
  4. Bimini Blue!

  5. special pewter and satin-back color and a little primer :stick:

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  6. um... so is it a pace car? or an SVO painted like a pace car???

  7. Take a look at the rear, its a Pace Car :nice:
  8. Red, Red, and Blue, just like my Sig. says.

  9. Yep its a pace car with 18k orginal mile svo suspension :nice:
  10. Red. just like the Haynes Book hahaha
  11. metallic silver w/ white pearl.
  12. Bright Red. Pics in sig link.

  13. Silver, Red, gunmetal...

    Medium Canyon Red


    Bright Red

    White, gunmetal

  14. Silver Metallic Clearcoat (2001 4.6L GT)
    Wild Strawberry (1992 2.3L LX)
    Silver (1998 Contour 2.5L SE)
    Black & Primer (1988 2.3T TurboCoupe parts car)
  15. mine is scarlet red looks very good when waxed
  16. What have we told you about taking new pics, Mike? :D