Colors in 2011?

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  1. I am curios if they will tide over the grabber blue in the next year 2011. Knowing fomo they will probably drop it. :)
  2. I heard they're dropping it.
  3. I think it is a one year only color!
  4. Wellif they do drop it lets hope another Grabber color takes its place. Orange or yellow would be nice.The green wasn't that bad either.
  5. That tint of yellow/orange on the Parnelli Jones Edition was sweet. I hope they bring that back!
  6. Here's the other grabber colors mentioned :)

    I like that grabber green
  7. i have the 2010 grabber blue but that grabber green is sweet.
  8. I'm not liking the Grabber Green or Grabber Yellow. They just seem like "overdoses" of those colors.
  9. I've never really been a fan of yellow, and never considered a green like that. In fact I had never seen grabber green until it was mentioned on this thread. My grabber blue is by far the brightest color car I've ever driven but I love the color and it's unique, as all the grabber colors are. I've had mine for almost 2 months now and I still get compliments and stares every day on the color. :nice:
  10. The Grabber Blue is insanely bright, and to be quite honest, I can't make up my mind if I love it or hate it. I like it if the color is broken up with things like black accents (wheels, window louvers, stripe), but just plain, there's no way I could live with it.
  11. I'm thinking stripes will help, I love the color but I agree it needs something to break it up a little bit. I think white stripes would look great but I want to see one in person first. :nice:
  12. grabber blue continues into 2011. two new colors for '11 Mustangs so far that I can find: ingot silver and race red.
  13. Somebody at Ford must love silver. :)
  14. Get on Ford's website. You can "build your own" and see what one with white stripes would look like. I "built" one using the white stripes, and then swapped them out for the black, and the black just looked more aggressive to me. Without sounding like the idiot salesman that "helped" me when I was looking, I felt that the white stripes looked a bit "soft."
  15. Personally I think stripes don't look that good on the '10 GTs. The Shelby's look good but not the GT. Maybe it's the style of the stripe Ford offers or the shape of the hood. I saw a grabber gt with a white stripe and a roush 427R and didn't like either with the stripes. I own a grabber gt and I think it looks best plain. But opinions are like buttholes...
  16. Speculation at this point.
  17. I think you're just sour because you couldn't afford a stripe. :D
  18. :rlaugh:
  19. What can I say, opinions are like buttholes. :lol:
  20. Nice. I set myself up for that