Colors in 2011?

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  1. Yep, you did, and being one of those screwy Camaro owners, I couldn't helpt but to take full advantage of the fact! :lol:
  2. How about these stripes...

  3. Those white stripes look much more masculine on the Grabber Blue than the "thick" factory-available "single" white stripe.
  4. I like :nice:
  5. This is what I wanna see...right here. This car is to freakin' die for.

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  6. +1
  7. I like that car except for the black/glass roof, I think the colors would look better if it was orange on the top too......Whats the deal no one likes that badass grabber orange on the boss 302's???? like this.....[​IMG]
  8. I honestly didn't even notice the roof, but I agree with you.
  9. +1 Grabber Orange
  10. It's not speculation. I opened Ford's order banks for the 2011 and the color codes and names were right there in plain sight.
  11. I believed you even tho he didnt. :)
  12. Id roll the Mach 1....Rather have the Boss though.
  13. I'd roll either one of them. It wouldn't matter what it would be if it looks like that "concept" that I posted.
  14. I wish they would disco the grabber blueso mine was that much sweeter. Maybe bring back the sonic blue or the lightnings true blue both of those are pimpin
  15. My first Stang was True Blue and man was that nice, but I think Kona is too close to the same color for the average person to notice. Sonic Blue would look nice, and I also like Azure Blue (on the Mach 1s) but that is also pretty close to Grabber Blue.
  16. This is what Im waiting for...

    wild, but I like it.

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  17. That car is super-hot, but is this one of the ones that'll fall into the "3900 lb category" for 2011? If Left-hand Lane News is right, the 2011 Mustangs are going to weigh over 3900 lbs.

    Maybe weight doesn't matter to some people, but when it comes to a performance machine for me, it's very important.
  18. IF, and who knows if it IS, but if it is true, then pick up a 2010 at a deep discount when the 11's come out and buy yourself a blower and some suspension mods and call it a day. 3900 lbs would be ridiculous
  19. Yeah, that seems to be what I'll have to do, or at least consider. That sucks, because I want to order my Mustang. I talked to the sales manager at Keystone Ford in Chambersburg, PA, and was told that I could order a GT Deluxe but could get the Track Pack, stripes, and other options that normally couldn't be had on a Deluxe if I ordered direct. My goal is to have the lightest, best performing Mustang GT I can build; GT Deluxe, Track Pack with 3.73s, 5spd, and Roushcharger, dressed in Kona Blue with double silver stripes. :hail2:
  20. I wonder how they are going to add 600 or so lbs, when there isn't even going to be a body change?