Colors in 2011?

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  1. :hail2:

    I read the same article and thought the same thing...why would Ford be scared of all things of a Hyundai Genesis Coupe?? Who cares if it's got a snappy V6, doesn't mean it can keep up with a torquey V8...because it doesn't even come close to keeping up with Mustang GT times :D
  2. Hyundais are steaming piles of excrement. Hyundai will NEVER build a car that can even come close to touching the Mustang. "Hyundai" and "Mustang" shouldn't even be used in the same sentence. To even think that this...Genesis compares to the Mustang is nothing short of hysterical.
  3. 1+ for Grabber Blue!!!
  4. I'm digging the dual white stripes.

    I'm also loving the Mach 1. I kiiiinda want one.
  5. Bump for pictures of Race Red
  6. Yellow Blaze three-stage is also a 2011 color. I sure hope it's not baby poop green like the Fiesta's Yellow Blaze.
  7. The GB is growing on me... KB is so similar to my VB it's odd they changed the name. However, if you're gonna do the car with retro styling, keep bringing the retro colors. :)
  8. Back to the weight issue: the Ford media site has all of the specs. The manual 6 speed coupe is 3603 lbs.(est.). I guess the estimate is due to options such as the Brembo GT500 brakes, wheel sizes,etc...
    The engine is only 430 lbs. due to aluminum block, heads, composite intake, and, wait for it.....HOLLOW CAMSHAFTS!
  9. How does going to a 13" rotor from an 11.5 add 150 pounds? I find that hard to believe.

  10. That car is absolutely beautiful
  11. This is a color thread, not a weight thread. The car is only a few pounds heavier than the 2010. Read the PDF again.
  12. How do you know? Through emotion, maybe?

    Have you taken the Hyundai on a test drive?
  13. Have you?
  14. YES! The body structure is way better as is most everything else. If they put a V8 in it there would be no contest! However, my stupid allegiance to these lazy US auto manufacturers is probably just like yours.
  15. I have not personally driven the Genesis Coupe, but I was forced into a Hyundai as a rental car less than a year ago and my overall impression with the car was that everything in and on it felt and looked cheap. Just my opinion though. :shrug:
  16. The 2010 Mustang will be featured in Grabber Blue, Kona Blue Metallic, Sunset Gold Metallic, Brillant Silver Metallic, Black, Sterling Grey Metallic, Red Candy Metallic, Performance White and Torch Red.
    And about 2011
    2011 Mustang Colors:

    * Grabber Blue
    * Black
    * Performance White
    * Race Red
    * Kona Blue
    * Brillant Silver Metallic
    * Sterling Grey
    * Sunset Gold Metallic
    * Red Candy Metallic
    * Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat
    * Ingot Silver