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  1. I'm planning on building up the new 3.7 and figured prices and parts on what I would like to put in over the period of the next year or less and I just want some opinions, I'm new to the site and to mustangs I have experience with a few hondas and am about to purchase a 3.7 v6 with a mt82 6 speed and just want some opinions if I should add some items 0r if I could get better parts for better prices but for now, here is my set up plan with links,

    bbk long tubes $470

    3:73 gears and tune $675

    Cai and 73mmtb $700

    alluminum driveshaft $720

    catback $750

    Sr lowering springs $180

    Eibach shocks and struts $450

    performance tires $510

    AMR rims $600

    Limited slip differential $250

    short shifter and bracket $330

    Stage 3 clutch $400

    This is planned as a daily and I am planning on running a couple good dyno tunes on an ems in due time and I decided on spray instead of a sc/ turbo since I only plan on spraying during a race and I thnk this hopefully could be a solid mid 12 second car with this list and spray, I also am planning on adding mmr

    forged crankshaft / billet forged rods / manley pistons $2,000

    With the spray in time and I am looking for someone who can help me get aftermarket cams and an aftermarket intake manifold as I have seen a few forums but never have found an aftermarket website selling them, I also plan on bigger injectors and like I said a great tune for nos and another for dding the car

    I just am looking for some opinions and am new to the forums, I wanted a 5.0 to start with but wasnt trying to pay so much for insurance yet I'm 18 and the prices just dont fit my budget lol I figure to hopefully be a mid to low 12 second car before spray and have a reliable dd and sometimes autocross stang, like I said before I have worked with and had success with hondas and as I have a bit more money I'm ready to work with a newer mustang, I considered a ton of 4.6s and older foxbodys but I am set on building the hell outta the new 3.7 and doing it efficiently, the lower cost of insurance and 30mpgs hwy for now made my decision, Thanks for reading guys let me know what you think!
  2. glad i gots me a fox
  3. i sure wouldnt touch the engine internals, no reason to
  4. Isn't the block on this engine good for about 500 or so whp and even then that is pushing it my original plan would have been forced induction but I started leaning more towards a 100-125 wet shot and and I'd feel better running that on a built engine than the stock 3.7 knowing there's not a huge chance of blowing it. The mmr internals seem pretty good and they're really the only ones i've seen on the market I'd love to give them a try and get more power n/a outta the 3.7 and I'm set on getting a more aggressive cam if I can find one, I've seen threads but no sites selling them yet my goal is a low 12 second dd like I said that can perform better on track days with the spray. Id love to see 11s n/a before spray with the built 3.7 too if possible I don't think anyones done it yet but this build will be carried out over the next year or so I plan on doing most the work and I'll keep you guys updated if anyone can let me know where to get an aftermarket intake mani and cams though that would be much appreciated:nice: There isnt the largest aftermarket yet but its big enough and I figure if no one is touching the internals I'd be okay testing that out and seeing what kind of n/a gains I can get! the internals would be later on in the year though.. Either way ill keep you guys updated and post pics as I go I hope to get more opinions thanks guyss!
  5. Foxes are the :poo: though I'd love to have one one day but for now the modern stang is my goal since ive only been on old hondas from the same era
    as the fox I'll be shooting for v8s in the future but for now the 3.7 is what seems to be the most practical build for me
  6. Even with a 125 shot, the block is safe. The internals arent going to make any difference except for the cam. I'd still save the money and bolt on either a turbo or supercharger to the stock motor
  7. Well I'm glad to know the block is cool then, and I realize that the cams would definitely do work with the setup already, but I havent yet seen anything but forums on them I need too hopefully find a realiable place to buy them theyll probably be as expensive as the coyote's aftermarket cams if not more when I do get them since I'm having so much trouble finding them, and I believe a better intake mani would help me out in the high end and definitely with the spray? But are you sure the mmr internals will have no gain, I'd be suprized to see absolutely no gain and the block would be a lot stronger for the n20. I would go forced induction if I weren't planning on having this as my daily for a long time after. The car is 18k and I want this engine to go a while I only am planning on spraying on race days and having a complete different tune for it on those days. I figure the engine will last longer that way and yeild around the same gains as like 8 psi on a turbo and since this is planed to be my realiable fast DD I'll build myself a turbo civic after this is completed if I want f/i and even wanted to keep the civic that car wouldn't even cost me 10k, I feel this would be a fun different car, that's why I'm willing to put the money into it and keep it a long time. Either way, thanks for replying you seem to be the only one lol Like I said I'll keep this updated as my build goes down
  8. You already have a Limited Slip Diff., minus the Carbon disks.

    Along with madspeed, leave the internals alone. No need to do anything until something breaks.

    I'd be inclined to install the Gears and Suspension first, and see how the car feels after these installs.

    Also, don't forget about the labor costs for install on some/all of the parts.

    Let us know the progress on your project!
  9. I may not touch the internals on the block for a while, if I do that would be last. I do plan on building up my heads and getting a set of regrind cams from supersixmotorsports, I figured the carbon disk lsd was a better option for my build I may be wrong but I figured it would be worth it, this is not my final build list at all it was an estimate on what I plan to put in I have somewhat edited it since my original post and am willing to put a little more into it down the road, I am deffinantly planning on buying the gears first and the alluminum driveshaft and tune, and rims and suspension cai throttle body and headers, like 3k right away then every month a new mod or so! I also have to consider monthly payments but in my situation right now I should be able to afford it. I have personally never worked on a ford, but I have done okay with hondas and have friends and family who would help with the labor so I'm okay with that, The only money id plan to spend in labor most likely would be machining the heads and one day maybe the block. It's good to hear everybody really trusts the internals on the 3.7 my only reason to change them would be something breaking or just trying to get more n/a or boosted power and being finnancially able to do it. Thanks for the advice and I will keep you guys updated when the build starts!
  10. So I'm gunna end up taking the supercharger route after speculating forever on n/a prices I figured I'd rather procharge then go with n20
    Thanks for the simple advice!
  11. Like you guys said it isnt worth tearing this motor apart unless something goes wrong