Communism Is Alive And Well At Fep.

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  1. Well,...not exactly.

    All I can say is be thankful your moderators aren't as anal as they are over at four eyed pride.
    Whether or not you are "tolerant" of the notion of swapping an LS engine into a Ford body, at least the topic can be discussed here.
    Mention your intent, mention you are considering, mention that you DREAMED about putting a LS engine into your fox body over at F.E.P. and the thread content ........vanishes.
    Persist,.....and bring it up again, the thread gets locked.
    Complain,.......get banned.
    Now this ain't me, but there is/was a raging debate going on over there with the "offender" doing his illiterate best to make a stand against the entire populace.
    As for me,....taking a side to help the guy out,.......the guy can't spell the word F.O.R.D.
    Anybody who knows me, knows I have no tolerance for two things,.....bracket cars,...and people who can barely write a complete sentence w/o butchering every other word. Poor ol' dude is on his own.
  2. I put a mod motor in a camaro once. It was ugly and slow.
  3. Thread locked

  4. Commie.
  5. Just not me sure um why do it be like I can't post on in the interweb
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  6. The hel! You say?
  7. Best attempt at speaking non I guess?
  8. FEP is a great resource for the early Fox stuff, but those guys are Nazis for sure.
  9. The thread in question is completely gone.

    I mean I'm a Ford guy.

    I like Mustang better than Camaro.

    But don't sh it myself everytime someone says they're gonna put an LS (out of their Camaro) into their Mustang.
  10. ...and SN95s.
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  11. Ok, yeah well.....I have no tolerance for THREE things.

    There are actually a whole bunch of things I have no tolerance for.

    I know that's hard for you to believe, but I just needed to be clear.
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  13. A little power goes to some people's heads Mike.
  14. Maybe I'll join and start a thread over there... I think I can English pretty well.
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  15. I miss being a mod sometimes...
  16. Let me know! Haha
  17. you should do it to see just how long it takes from first post to last to get locked out.
  18. Got a feeling the first and last post would be the same post :nice:
  19. That place is so ridiculous. They delete for sale or wanted threads if they think someone is going to convert and aero car to 4 eye, or vice versa(obviously)...
  20. Their site, their rules.

    I know a Mil-surp firearm site that bans you if you discuss anything aluding to cleaning up, restoring, or improving an older classic military rifle.
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